Defold 1.2.82 has been released

Defold 1.2.82

With this release we have extended the crash module to include crashes on HTML5 builds.

We have increased the optimization level on OSX and Windows builds, which mean you could see some extra performance on these platforms.

We have also increased the maximum layer count for GUI scenes to 16 (from the previous max of 8).

The dashboard now includes an option to delete your account as well as transfering the ownership of your projects. (Before you can delete your account you need to transfer the ownership of your projects that has more than one user.)


  • DEF-1769 - Added: Crash handling support for HTML5.
  • DEF-1861 - Changed: OSX and Windows builds now use a higher optimization level.
  • DEF-1875 - Changed: Increase max number of GUI layers to 16.
  • DEF-1873 - Changed: Input on HTML5 will now only work if the canvas element is active.
  • DEF-1796 - Changed: HTML5 builds use project name for engine JS file.
  • DEF-1867 - Fixed: Ability to toggle persistent store on HTML5.
  • DEF-1870 - Fixed: HTML5 progress bar did not work if “Content-Length” header was missing.
  • DEF-1869 - Fixed: sys.open_url was missing in HTML5 implementation.
  • DEF-1871 - Fixed: html5.custom_heap_size is now correctly used in HTML5 builds.
  • DEF-1872 - Fixed: Windows bundling dialog showed incorrect text.


  • Added: Ability to delete accounts.
  • Added: Users can change ownership of projects.

@sven, do the optimizations in 1.2.82 include the sprite performance optimization that recently made to alpha?

That is correct, but it’s not focused on sprites specifically, rather a compiler flag so the engine as a whole will benefit. We have had similar flags on other platforms previously, but now it’s been applied for desktop builds as well. :+1:


I found bug with HTML5 Release mode. Minification doesn’t work.

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Thanks, that seems like a bug indeed! We are looking into it!

2 Likes this page makes a reference to this link however it says it’s depreciated and should no longer be used at all.