Defold 1.2.80 has been released

Defold 1.2.80

This release focus on bug fixes and features related to HTML5.

With this release we have added support for persistent data storage between sessions in HTML5 builds. This means that the data you save in one session can be available next time the player visit the game; an example of such data is a saved game state. (Please note; due limitations in the way this data is handled by the browsers, there is no guarantee that the data remain persistent in cases where the user clear browser cache or manipulate the data herself.)

We have updated our servers to cache recently used dependency archives. This will result in decreased download times for projects with a large amount of dependencies.


  • DEF-1677 - Added: Persistent storage (if available) in HTML5 builds.
  • DEF-1635 - Added: Expose max collection factory limit project setting collectionfactory.max_count.
  • DEF-1620 - Added: Launch screen and app icon for iPad Pro 12".
  • DEF-1749 - Added: JS callback when WebGL support is missing in HTML5.
  • DEF-1792 - Added: Engine option to disable GL error checking in debug builds.
  • DEF-1786 - Changed: GLSL ‘#line 0’ macro usage only available in debug builds.
  • DEF-1759 - Changed: Editor update URLs to point to CDN domain.
  • DEF-1790 - Fixed: Icon did not work for Win32 bundles.
  • DEF-1672 - Fixed: Set executable bit on executable for iOS bundles.
  • DEF-1758 - Fixed: HTML5 canvas size is handled similar to how other platforms handle window size.
  • DEF-1544 - Fixed: Fullscreen support in Safari.
  • DEF-1743 - Fixed: ETag cache error in internal engine HTTP cache.
  • DEF-1765 - Fixed: HTML5 progress bar did not work for IE11.


  • DEF-1339 - Added: Support for archive caching on server.


  • Added: New Lua manual
  • Added: Manuals and tutorial quick navigation overview added
  • Changed: The manual on message passing has been rewritten
  • Changed: API docs updated
  • Changed: Updated Getting started and Magic link tutorials
  • Changed: Ref docs easier to navigate and polished
  • Changed: Lots of site usability and bug fixes
  • Fixed: Mobile usability fixes

Not quite fixed yet.

What’s missing is that the GLFW icon is not define (I believe)

id ICON "icon.ico"
GLFW_ICON ICON "icon.ico"
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As a temporary fix, people can use Resource Hacker to add the GLFW_ICON icon group.


Nice find, I’m fixing this in the next release, the app will use the same icon that is set in game.project. :slight_smile:


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