Defold 1.2.75 has been releasen

Defold 1.2.75

This release includes a collection of fixes but also a few new features, such as;

  • Support for Facebook Analytics - There is now a method to post Facebook events, either one of the built ins or a custom one, that can be tracked through Facebook Analytics for Apps. See facebook.post_event().

  • Explicit consume IAP mode - A new option has been added to game.project that will force purchases done with to be explicitly consumed by the game through a new method called iap.finish. This increased control over buy-consume flow enables better user verification of purchases.

  • Build reports can be generated - New options has been added to bob.jar to output build reports in either JSON or HTML formats, --build-report and --build-report-html. The HTML output is available through the editor when bundling for iOS and Android. (Note that the build report will work for all platforms, but the option is not currently exposed in the editor for more than iOS and Android. Expansion of the bundle dialogs are planned.)

  • Configurability of line and letter spacing on GUI text nodes - Text nodes now have options to change line and letter spacing. These options can be set in both the editor and at runtime through functions in Lua (gui.set_leading and gui.set_tracking).

  • Ability to set max GUI scene node count - The max GUI node count can be set on GUI scene, it is exposed in the properties view when selecting a scene node.

New features

  • DEF-1531 - Added: Support for Facebook Analytics
  • DEF-1486 - Added: New “Explicit IAP consume” mode
  • DEF-1124 - Added: Line spacing (leading) and letter spacing (tracking) options for GUI text
  • DEF-1587 - Added: Build reports (JSON and HTML)
  • DEF-767 - Added: Expose gui scene node count in game.project


  • DEF-791 - Added: gui.get_text_metrics now also report height
  • DEF-1607 - Added: render.set_depth_func was missing in render scripts
  • DEF-1517 - Fixed: OpenAL32.dll was missing when bundling with Bob.jar
  • DEF-1626 - Fixed: HTTP requests are only tried once (down from 3 retries previously)
  • DEF-1615 - Fixed: Amazon IAP inconsistencies (receipt was table and removed currency symbol)
  • DEF-1604 - Fixed: GLSL compilation errors reported the wrong line
  • DEF-1581 - Fixed: Distance field font alpha didn’t change the border alpha
  • DEF-1630 - Fixed: Alignment issue for DARC data in HTML5 builds
  • DEF-1629 - Fixed: Setting char input callback on HTML5 silently failed
  • DEF-1495 - Fixed: User errors with GUI layers could make the game crash
  • DEF-1542 - Fixed: Removed possibility to copy/paste a game object into another game object file
  • DEF-1605 - Fixed: Issue with uninitalized scaling in GUI nodes, caused nodes to disappear
  • DEF-1609 - Fixed: “Access is denied” when building project
  • DEF-1614 - Fixed: Some editor documentation links were out of date
  • DEF-1543 - Fixed: GameObject showed up in the components list
  • DEF-1334 - Fixed: Disables Facebook module on iOS/Android/HTML5 if the app id is not set
  • DEF-1610 - Fixed: Backspace on Swype keyboard did not work on Android
  • DEF-1611 - Fixed: Crash related to force touch on iOS 9+
  • DEF-1608 - Fixed: Broken secure keyboard input on iOS