Defold 1.2.191 has been released

Release Notes

This sprint we’ve updated to iOS 15, macOS 12 and XCode 13. We have also added new functionality to several of our APIs and fixed a few bugs.


  • Issue-3459 - Fixed: Add ability to change collision object group and mask at run-time
  • Issue-3645 - Fixed: Add possibility to rotate tiles in tilemap
  • Issue-5066 - Fixed: Add timer.trigger(handle) function
  • Issue-6185 - Fixed: Set window background color on startup
  • Issue-6198 - Fixed: Set default mipmap generation filter to linear
  • Issue-6227 - Fixed: Fixed material constant for Vulkan
  • Issue-6235 - Fixed: Discard first random value after setting seed
  • Issue-6236 - Fixed: Improved parser for v3 and v4 with a single value
  • Issue-6239 - Fixed: Update “resource.get_text_metrics” docs
  • Issue-6241 - Fixed: Set fd for file resource data to 0 after it has been closed
  • Issue-6244 - Fixed: Add go.get("#sprite", "animation")
  • Issue-6249 - Fixed: NE: New LoadClass method with activity parameter and fix order for OnCreate/OnActivityResult callbacks
  • Issue-6251 - Fixed: NE: Added destroy function to DM_DECLARE_COMPONENT_TYPE
  • Issue-6256 - Fixed: Fixed issue where particlefx could get wrong material constants
  • Issue-6273 - Fixed: Fix build exception when local cache is enabled but no remote cache is set up.
  • Issue-6283 - Fixed: Fix: bundling process doesn’t build textures from resource property overrides
  • Issue-6284 - Fixed: Fixed issue with tilesource using indexed PNG
  • Issue-6276 - Fixed: Update SDK to iOS 15, macOS 12 and XCode 13


  • Issue-6265 - Fixed: Fix freeze at project load time when an editor script requires another Lua module
  • Issue-6267 - Fixed: Handle long file paths in the debugger
  • Issue-6226 - Fixed: Added VSCode + Calva readme
  • Issue-6238 - Fixed: Editor loads resources from dependencies only when needed

bad format for doc.

          "doc": "boolean value of the new maskbit. 'true' to enable, 'false' to disable.\n<div class=\"codehilite\"><pre><span></span><span class=\"k\">function</span> <span class=\"nf\">makeUserAlly</span><span class=\"p\">()</span>\n    <span class=\"c1\">-- no longer collide with the &quot;user&quot; group</span>\n    <span class=\"n\">physics</span><span class=\"p\">.</span><span class=\"n\">set_maskbit</span><span class=\"p\">(</span><span class=\"s2\">&quot;</span><span class=\"s\">#collisionobject&quot;</span><span class=\"p\">,</span><span class=\"s2\">&quot;</span><span class=\"s\">user&quot;</span><span class=\"p\">,</span><span class=\"kc\">false</span><span class=\"p\">)</span>\n<span class=\"k\">end</span>\n</pre></div>", 
          "name": "[type:boolean]", 
          "types": [


Thanks. PR with fix has been submitted: