Defold 1.2.187 has been released

This sprint we’ve continued fixed a few crashes and also added an asset cache to Bob.jar

For builds that take a long time it can be beneficial to use the new asset cache built into bob.jar.
Pass in --resource-cache-local <local path> to use a local cache, and use --resource-cache-remote <url> if the asset cache is remote. The documentation can be found here, with an example of a basic Python http server.


  • Issue-5984 - Added: Bob.jar: Add support for a local and remote asset cache to speed up builds
  • Issue-5962 - Fixed: Catch exception when SVG xml fails to load in the editor
  • Issue-5989 - Fixed: Improved the error message from engine when reaching the max number of possible draw calls
  • Issue-5998 - Fixed: Check for a gamepad packet when processing input actions
  • Issue-6000 - Fixed: Check that the socket is valid before trying to close it
  • Issue-6006 - Fixed: Updated scripts/docker/ to use clang-10
  • Issue-6011 - Fixed: NE: Added build_id=uuid to Android extender builds
  • Issue-6013 - Fixed: Crash fix: Create sound system even when OpenDevice fails
  • Issue-6017 - Fixed: NE/Android: Copy shared libraries from dependencies to aab file
  • Issue-6020 - Fixed: LU: Fail gracefully if manifest file failed to load from zip archive
  • Issue-6021 - Fixed: Android: Cleanup the OpenGL context when the engine window is closed
  • Issue-6024 - Fixed: Minimize number of preallocated render objects for the sprite component
  • Issue-6005 - Fixed: Check that the socket is valid before trying to close it
  • Issue-6040 - Fixed: Check that the ssl socket is valid before trying to close it