Defold 1.2.186 BETA

Defold 1.2.186 BETA

The latest beta is now released, and we invite those interested in beta testing the new features in the editor and engine to join now.
The beta period will be 2 weeks and the next planned stable release is two weeks from now.

We hope this new workflow will highlight any issues earlier, and also get valuable feedback from our users. And please comment if you come up with ideas on improving on this new workflow.

Please report any engine issues in this thread or in issues using Help → Report Issue

Thx for helping out!


This is a BETA release, and it might have issues that could potentially be disruptive for you and your teams workflow. Use with caution. Use of source control for your projects is strongly recommended.

Access to the beta

Download the editor or bob.jar from Defold Downloads

Set your build server to

Release notes

This sprint we’ve fixed a few crashes, improved on the gamepad support for Android, and added some physics fixes.

The collision object now has a property bullet, that allows you to enable continuous collision detection. It is only supported in 2D physics.

Our gamepad system now supports reading raw input from connected devices with an unknown identifier.


We’re continuing working on our editor/pipeline plugin support, and are anticipating a first alpha release of the Rive extension this week.

Also, we’re currently working on an asset cache system for Bob. This will help reduce long build times for certain assets (i.e. compressed textures).


  • Issue-3191 - Added: Collision objects now has the property bullet
  • Issue-5931 - Fixed: macOS: Fixed bob.jar crash on M1 macs
  • Issue-5933 - Fixed: macOS: Crash fix for macOS fullscreen mode
  • Issue-5936 - Fixed: Android: Bundle tool now uses uppercase “UNIVERSAL”
  • Issue-5937 - Fixed: Update scaling in 2d physics when dynamic transforms are enabled
  • Issue-5963 - Fixed: Android: Don’t load keystore password file in bob when calling bundletool
  • Issue-5964 - Fixed: Include the width of trailing whitespace when linebreaks are disabled
  • Issue-5967 - Fixed: Map unknown gamepads and read raw gamepad packets
  • Issue-5973 - Fixed: Added liveupdate_null library
  • Issue-5976 - Fixed: Bob.jar: Added --archive-resource-padding= for padding between resources in the game archive
  • Issue-5980 - Added: Android: Added AKEYCODE_BUTTON_1 to 16 to the supported gamepad buttons

Documentation: Gamepad input in Defold (Raw gamepad data) and Gamepad input in Defold (Unidentified gamepads)


@britzl has also updated the Manifestation tool to support removal of the liveupdate library for an even smaller executable size.


Big hype!

My assumption without testing this is that if a bullet is moving fast enough to pass entirely over a wall in a frame it will still register a collision making it unnecessary to do manual raycasts for the distance traveled for each bullet in a frame.

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This does not seem to be the case, or maybe I set it up wrong? I tested go.animate and go.set_position for moving the collision objects marked as bullets. (5.7 KB)

2021-08-09 12_54_47-About

I think the object should be moved using physics forces. When you use set_position or animate physics engine can’t do anything here.


Speaking of applying forces it’s still only a message but should also be an alias under physics like

physics.apply_force(component, force, position)

I tried to get a dynamic physics object to go fast enough but it doesn’t seem to be able to? Larger forces have no effect. No difference obvious when having is bullet disabled in the properties. Could you try to edit? (6.5 KB)

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“Raw” gamepad system doesn’t work for me.

  1. I added “Raw” in “Gamepad Triggers” section

  2. I deleted all gamepads from game.gamepads

  3. I have Xbox Wireless connected to my laptop.

  4. I receive notification about Raw input

  5. But there are no actions in on_input() function.

  6. When I reset game.gamepads to default one (with XBox Wireless inside it) - I receive gpad_left_1 and other actions from my list.

What I do wrong?


Don’t you receive any calls to on_input() with action_id set to raw?

I use simple

if action_id then
  print("action_id: "..action_id);

And no “raw” action_id at all. And no action_id when I press keys /axis / triggers on a controller.
But I receive ordinary keyboard keys from my keyboard (to know, that it works at first place)

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Ah, I see what’s happened. There is for some reason no Raw option in the gamepad trigger dropdown in the editor. It should have been listed here:

Screenshot 2021-08-21 at 10.59.39

I will investigate and let you know.

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Never mind me, I tested with the wrong version… Will continue to look into this.