Defold 1.2.184 has been released

This sprint we’ve continued to tweak the Android controller support.

We’ve also made some optimizations to build/archive size, if the project used a lot of embedded gameobjects/components.

There are also some quality-of-life fixes, like excluding build folders and better support for requiring standard Lua models.


  • Issue-5405 - Added: Added physics.wakeup() for collision objects
  • Issue-3588 - Fixed: Increased support for Android controllers
  • Issue-5763 - Fixed: Fixed spine animation callback
  • Issue-5796 - Fixed: Fix for uninitialized render constants
  • Issue-5809 - Fixed: Bob merges identical (embedded) gameobject/component files
  • Issue-5824 - Fixed: Added support for excluding project folders
  • Issue-5825 - Fixed: Crash handler context fix
  • Issue-5837 - Fixed: Fixed Lua callback fixes for sprite and model
  • Issue-5844 - Fixed: Fixed animated render constant crash
  • Issue-5851 - Fixed: Fixed android gamepad issues
  • Issue-5861 - Fixed: Ignore Lua require calls for Lua standard libraries and Defold extras
  • Issue-5864 - Fixed: Fix for render constants for spine, tilegrid and model components
  • Issue-5865 - Fixed: Draw font shadow also when the font has no outline
  • Issue-5869 - Fixed: Added engine info and link to html5 builds to promote Defold
  • Issue-5870 - Fixed: Fixed gui layout event message
  • Issue-5873 - Fixed: Added Joy-Con support on Android

You broke atlas & animation groups.
When the atlas contains an empty animation group, something goes wrong. See ok.atlas and not_ok.atlas in repro project. (33.8 KB)

This is probably not directly related to the release, but to a recent editor update where we fixed and issues with slow editing of atlases. Ping @mats.gisselson!


The feature has been reverted while waiting for a fix. A new editor should be available soon.

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We’ve fixed the issue with atlases and reapplied the code that made editing of atlas properties slow on large atlases. A new editor should be available with the fix.