Defold 1.2.183 has been released

In this release we’ve added controller support for Android.

We’ve also updated the texture compression with some optimizations, that will allow for better compression using the different compression levels.

We have also done some good improvements on the archive building. Although it varies between projects, our medium sized test project took many minutes less to build and the resulting bundle was several megabytes smaller.

Work in progress

We’re continuing our work with the support (sneak peek).

At the same time we’re also extending our C++ api’s in the Defold SDK, to allow us to create extensions that provide components, resources, pipeline and editor plugins. (current progress)


  • Issue-5798 - Added: Add support for Android controllers
  • Issue-5762 - Fixed: Update dmloader.js to invoke callbacks on retry
  • Issue-5763 - Fixed: Fixed sound Lua callback
  • Issue-5773 - Fixed: Fixed crash at shutdown on an uninitialized sound system
  • Issue-5776 - Fixed: iOS: Fixed crash when user shuts down app while engine is rebooting
  • Issue-5782 - Fixed: Updated sound property docs
  • Issue-5786 - Fixed: Updated documentation for tilemap.set_tile()
  • Issue-5787 - Fixed: Updated Basis Universal to v1.15 with rdo optimizations
  • Issue-5796 - Fixed: Removed render constants as default for Sprite + Label
  • Issue-5800 - Fixed: Optimize the ManifestBuilder lookups
  • Issue-5802 - Fixed: Optimized resource lookups when creating archives
  • Issue-5804 - Fixed: Optimized manifest file size
  • Issue-5817 - Fixed: Fixed issue with for 3d convex shape

You broke sprite.play_flipbook. Completion callback function not called.


What, really? I’m surprised this hasn’t been caught during the two week public beta or in our tests… We’ll look into this tomorrow and issue a new release as soon as possible.


Yep, it looks like the callback isn’t triggered. Instead the script is getting the old “animation_done” message.


I’m on it. I’d expect a new release within a few hours.


Defold team :clap:


I updated before reading above :confused: Can only confirm the issue is there and it’s breaking the game, hope you’ll manage to get it fixed! :wink: Keeping my fingers crossed!


I just verified the new editor update (sha: 7e7ab0f78048390f41d187fb60d1553297a67e5f) and the fix seems to be working ok.

Which version do you use @Pawel ?


I was using 1.2.183 at the time of writing it (7e52cad684aef13617ea5b02bbe7ca1b357f2a81).
New version (7e7ab0f78048390f41d187fb60d1553297a67e5f) is working fine! :smiley:
Thank you! :heart:


I updated to

editor: da6cc3df5acb2c63217572b5ba7f94d9e3c98b18
engine: 7e7ab0f78048390f41d187fb60d1553297a67e5f

and the game now crashes on mac. Here is the crash report. (2.0 KB)

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Yeah. I got a similar crash on both macOS and Windows. I made Github issues.


Thanks to @dapetcu21 I’ve been able to pinpoint the issue, and we should have a new release in a few hours.


There is now a new build available (engine sha1: f77b7f655a0ba68462f6c33604bed7000018735f)

@roccosaienz @dapetcu21


I have quickly tested this and it seems working for me! Thanks!


The “spine_event” message has stopped working.

Скриншот 2021-06-12 00.40.54

I can’t remember exactly on which version it stopped working, but on 180 it definitely did.

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This should have been fixed in this hot-fix release:

Are you using the latest version @morgerion ?

I think it wasn’t. This is another use case (which also didn’t have a unit test)

I couldn’t reproduce it myself unfortunately.
Looking at the output, it seems to be related to having unloaded the script where the on_message function is residing.
I.e. we’re posting an event, then the script is unloaded, then we’re flushing the events and we’re trying to call the on_message function.

Previously, we had a function reference inside the url struct, which was always a huge technical debt.
We recently removed that function reference, in favor for eventually having sub component addressing (e.g. setting properties on particle emitters etc).

I really wouldn’t want to readd that technical debt, and figuring out a different approach how to keep the lua references around in these seems also a bit tricky (and not really desireable).

I’m wondering about your particular use case: Does it cause trouble, or is it that the warning is counter productive?


Specifically in our case, the text inside the animation of the intro is attached to these events. We can implement text binding in a different way.

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