Defold 1.2.182 has been released

We’ve enabled dynamic physics transforms by default. This is more in line with the fact that you can scale the gameobject and it’s children (e.g. sprite)
You can disable this feature using the physics.allow_dynamic_transforms property.

PVRTC and ETC1/ETC2 compression now default to Basis UASTC compression (using appropriate RGB/RGBA format on the target device).

In an effort to mitigate some of the OpenGL problems some users have experienced, we’re now changed approach a little bit.
The engine now first tries to get an OpenGL 3.3 Core profile. If it fails, it will then try to get a OpenGL 3.1 forward compatible profile.
Please let us know if the engine still won’t be able to create a window for you. And if so, please supply the list of supported OpenGL versions on your platform.

Another big change is that we’ve removed an an internal dependency called c-ares, which was causing a lot of crashes.
We expect a big improvement in stability on iOS/Android.

Work in Progress

We’re currently working on implementing Rive app support in our engine. This work touches many areas of the code: editor, pipeline, resources and rendering.
One aspect we’re focusing on is the rendering techniques involved to do this.
We’re working closely with the Rive team to figure out the best approach.

Another part of this is introducing new API’s into our pipeline, in order to add/replace functionality when it comes to content processing, loading and rendering in game.


  • Issue-3289 - Added: Update sound from stringbuffer

  • Issue-5705 - Added: Added support for multi-line dependencies

  • Issue-5751 - Added: NE: Added dmScript::CheckGOInstance which allows you to get a game object instance in a script

  • Issue-5613 - Fixed: Fix for crackling sounds when speed != 1.0

  • Issue-5621 - Fixed: Depth/stencil render buffer fix on macOS/iOS

  • Issue-5639 - Fixed: Added support for BC7 textures on HTML5

  • Issue-5676 - Fixed: Add Screen blend mode everywhere Multiply is already available.

  • Issue-5690 - Fixed: Do not create a DNS channel on iOS (avoids network permission popup)

  • Issue-5692 - Fixed: Added dithering to 16bpp image formats

  • Issue-5694 - Fixed: Implement the Weld joint for 2D physics

  • Issue-5698 - Fixed: Pass build server url user info as basic auth

  • Issue-5707 - Fixed: NE: Added .proto files to dmSDK

  • Issue-5713 - Fixed: Increased gui node index range to 13 bits (8192 values)

  • Issue-5720 - Fixed: Copy Android assets from extender

  • Issue-5721 - Fixed: Added missing API docs

  • Issue-5730 - Fixed: NE: Duplicate symbols (Texture::Texture) when building vulkan extension on windows

  • Issue-5735 - Fixed: Only select PVRTC transcoding if the texture is square

  • Issue-5738 - Fixed: HTML5: Updated deprecated calls to allocate()

  • Issue-5739 - Fixed: Sprite component no longer updates vertex/index buffer with no data (HTML5 performance fix)

  • Issue-5742 - Fixed: Win32 Build-and-Run now uses debug symbols to generate symbolicated callstacks

  • Issue-5743 - Fixed: Enable dynamic physics transforms by default

  • Issue-5744 - Fixed: Fixed dynamic updates of mesh buffers

  • Issue-5753 - Fixed: ETC+PVRTC formats now use UASTC compression

  • Issue-5756 - Fixed: Try OpenGL 3.3 Core profile first with fallback to 3.1 compat profile

  • Issue-5748 - Fixed : NE: Fixed issue with dmBuffer handle becoming zero

  • Issue 5783 : Fixed: Issue 5783: When using --use-vanilla-lua with bob.jar, the Lua files are stored in unencrypted source format

  • Issue ****: Fixed: Removed c-ares dns lookup library


  • Issue-5695 - Fixed: Sign Windows Editor for stable releases
  • Issue-5716 - Fixed: Editor now unpacks the entire into the project build folder
  • Issue-5681 - Fixed: Fixed autocomplete of while

Big hype for Rive. Can’t wait to try to make a game with only Rive assets and see how small it can get while still being beautiful!


Me too!
@aglitchman, thanks for the PR with Weld joint, I will try it out! :wink::+1:


When will the steam version update come out?

The Steam version should auto update like the other versions. Is this not the case?

Here is fine. I just updated it.

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It was not updated through the application and Steam is silent (version 1.2.178).

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I tested uninstalling Defold from Steam. Downloading fresh (version 1.2.178). And I was immediately able to update to the latest version (version 1.2.182) when opening. Maybe firewall is a problem blocking update server?

Tested on Windows 10.

Disabled firewall, reinstalled Defold on Steam and it worked(Windows 10). Thank)


Ubuntu 20.04: I can now comfortably work with both the Editor and the Game without any overrides to Environment Variables. Just by running ./Defold

Amazing Work.


I published an update with this version a few days ago, for Android, and so far no crashes!

Might be a little early to tell for certain, but I am very optimistic.

I also bumped up my minimum android version to ensure the unity ads ask was compatible. Is there any way to show those min Sdk warnings in the Defold build output in the Editor? Android studio tells you things like that, when your versions don’t line up with what your deps require.

Thanks for all your great work!


No, not currently.

I’m still getting OpenGL errors. Any ideas on how to fix it?

When starting the editor or when running the engine? A driver update usually fixes OpenGL issues.


For game (free version on same code base and engine version + unityADS present here i get 1 star review from some players, reason - game crash immediately after launch. Builded with 182 editor version, debug symbols uploaded in google play console. But no ANR or CRASH reports appear in console.

Some user information, looks like game crashed on HiEnd phone models with android 11:
1 OnePlusNord, android 11, opengles3.2, language german.
2 Galaxy A71, android 11, opengles3.2, language english.
3 OnePlus 8T, android 11, opengles3.2, language dutch.

I cannot reproduce this error on Realme 6 8/128GB (android 10) and Huawei Honor Note 10 (android 9). Also some guys from russian telegram Defold chanel test game on 2 android 11 phones - no errors occured.

Sometimes these are fake. But who knows for sure until you get exact models to test with.

I tested the free version on Galaxy S8 and no issues.


wow! i dont know about “fake reviews” and 1 star bombing! thx you for information and testing!

When running the engine.

And have you checked that you have no graphics driver updates you can install?