Defold 1.2.177 has been released

This release we’ve updated the Info.plist for iOS, fixing an issue with uploading new builds to App Store.

For Android, we’ve added support for using Jetifier to automatically migrate Android dependencies to Android X. More information here: Migrating to AndroidX

We also added some 3D shape primitives to the builtins to make it easier for your to prototype.

For native extensions, we’ve added the dmWebServer api. It let’s you hook into the engines webserver (in debug mode), to handle http requests. Documentation is here and an example is here.


  • Issue-5138 - Added: Added cube, sphere and quad to builtins
  • Issue-5314 - Fixed: Return values from the gui script doesn’t crash
  • Issue-5320 - Fixed: Dns lookup now uses the timeout from the http request
  • Issue-5329 - Fixed: Html5: Allow requesting full screen on a custom DOM node
  • Issue-5339 - Fixed: iOS: Unable to upload iOS build to appstore
  • Issue-5180 - Added: NE: Added dmWebServer to dmSDK
  • Issue-5306 - Fixed: NE: Added C++ namespace to miniz

Update 2020-12-09:

  • Issue-5389 - Fixed: Fixed crash when when using LiveUpdate zip archive on Android (and Windows)

We just did a hot fix for this release as we detected an issue with the new LiveUpdate feature of zip archives.