Defold 1.2.174 has been released

Defold 1.2.174

This release was mainly focused on adding support for iOS 14 as soon as it came out.
We’ve also taken the opportunity to fix some issues regarding the AAB bundling for Android.

Since it’s a brand new major OS version, we’d like you to keep an eye out to make sure that it works as intended.
E.g. building properly and running on the devices (old and new).

We’d also like you to test and verify that the AAB issues have been fixed and are working again on all platforms (osx, win32, linux)

Thank you!


  • Issue-5057 - Fixed: Added support for iOS 14.0
  • Issue-5207 - Fixed: Make sure to generate the debug.keystore from the project root
  • Issue-5154 - Fixed: Fix Android bundler to copy manifest+resources from correct architecture
  • Issue-5191 - Fixed: Copy android assets to correct folder when creating AAB
  • Issue-5209 - Fixed: run jarsigner from java home folder
  • Issue-5210 - Fixed: Make sure to get full path to java home bin folder for jarsigner
  • Issue-5016 - Fixed: Single layout gui generates layout changed message
  • Issue-5077 - Fixed: Font blur won’t affect font cursor
  • Issue-5153 - Fixed: Added missing mesh.max_count value to game project properties
  • Issue-5212 - Fixed: Android: WINDOW_RESIZED isn’t sent every frame
  • Issue-5216 - Fixed: Android: Back button doesn’t shut down the app
  • Issue-5249 - Fixed: Android: sys.exit() didn’t shut down the app
  • Issue-5165 - Fixed: NE: Manifest merge tool can now merge arrays in plist
  • Issue-5145 - Added: NE: Added dmSocket::Select functions to dmSdk
  • Issue-5161 - Added: NE: Added dmSocket::SetQuickAck
  • Issue-5163 - Added: NE: Added dmSocket::Connect et al to dmSocket
  • Issue-5156 - Fixed: NE: Exclude record library from release (remote) builds


The Defold native extension build servers are hosted with AWS and provided completely free of charge to all of our users. The cost is paid for in full by the Defold Foundation.
If you wish to support us and help keep the servers running then please join as a monthly sponsor or increase your existing monthly donation.


Thanks for fixing android building :slight_smile:
I can confirm it works from Windows 7, using AAB. No issues at sight.