Defold 1.2.172 has been released

Defold 1.2.172

This sprint we’ve upgraded the extension-iap to support Android Billing 3.0. Read more in this post. You can find the beta version of the extension here

The sound has been moved to a separate thread (if the platform supports it), which significantly lowers the risk of stutter when playing sound while loading large scenes.

We’ve also spent some time improving the support for our newest platform, the Nintendo Switch.
In this beta we’re adding multiple workflow fixes, including support for the web profiler and hot reload.


  • Issue-4991 - Added: Added android.display_cutout in game.project for handling display cutout
  • Issue-3172 - Fixed: Only use XY for creating uniform scale in Box2D
  • Issue-4447 - Fixed: Added Android 10 as the default target api
  • Issue-4837 - Fixed: Sound is now run on a separate thread
  • Issue-4862 - Fixed: sys.reboot now supported on HTML5
  • Issue-4952 - Fixed: Fix crash when deleting playing particlefx in gui
  • Issue-5000 - Fixed: Proper Lua context cleanup after window.set_listener callbacks
  • Issue-5051 - Fixed: Fixed spawn position for mesh component
  • Issue-5069 - Fixed: Fix for world space mesh component
  • Issue-5033 - Fixed: Added better error reporting if liveupdate keys were set, but didn’t exist on disc
  • Issue-4766 - Fixed: Removed unused render target name
  • Issue-5063 - Fixed: Vulkan - Added cubemap support
  • Issue-5014 - Fixed: Vulkan - Fix conditions for properly resizing scratch buffer
  • Issue-5043 - Fixed: Vulkan - Make sure we set the correct filtering when uploading textures