Defold 1.2.170 BETA


I can’t build AAB:

Failed building Android Application Bundle: /Users/agulev/Downloads/armv7-android/Solitaire: error: failed to open file: No such file or directory.
error: failed parsing overlays.

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Doh. I’ve tested the aab support quite extensively. Are you using the build server? Can you try using bob.jar?



Yes, I’m sure I use right build server.
I have the same problem with bob.jar

Ok, I found what the problem is.
My project title in game.project is Solitaire Klondike but in the error message we see the following path:


It seems like there should be \ to escape the space character or another way to solve the problem with the space character in file path.

When I try to upload AAB to Play Store:

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Hmm, I thought the aab was supposed to be signed by Google using a key provided by you.



Or rather that the generated APK was signed by Google



I made PR with fixes for most of the issues I found.

The only issue I’m not sure how to fix.
Because of this:

They use a single space character as a separator.
But if we have a space in our game title then we have the wrong splitting.
I tried to escape the space character or add ' or " for a path, but aapt2 just ignore this.

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