Defold 1.2.167 has been released


Defold 1.2.167


This sprint we’ve spent fixing and updating several extensions, such as Google Play Services which has gotten a good upgrade with support for Achievements, Leaderboards and Events.

The In-app Purchases extension also got some love with some stability fixes on iOS.

The iOS version of the WebView has been migrated from the deprecated UIWebView to the new WKWebView.

Also, we’ve adressed the outstanding issue of adding color to the debug text.
We now have a new message draw_debug_text which always require you to specify a color.


  • Issue-4706 - Added: Added new draw_debug_text message
  • Issue-4708 - Added: Added render clear color
  • Issue-4705 - Added: OSX - Added missing CFBundleDisplayName on macOS
  • Issue-4698 - Fixed: Removed redundant profiler error messages
  • Issue-4709 - Fixed: Fixed update issue when enabling a tree of gui nodes

Extender server

  • Issue-4728 - Fixed: Fixed manifest merging for HTML5 builds
  • *****-**** - Fixed: Increased max build upload size to 1GB

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