Defold 1.2.166 has been released



This release we have made many smaller fixes.

The http.request() using HTTPS+POST, now works with payloads larger than 16k bytes, which is the limitation of the TLS record size.
We now use chunked encoding for large payloads.

The DefoldSDK has got two new events dmExtension::EVENT_ID_ICONIFYAPP and dmExtension::EVENT_ID_DEICONIFYAPP which allows you to handle the case when an app is minimized to the tray, or shown again.

We’ve fixed the debuggability of the Android bundles that allows you to either debug using Android Studio, or getting a crash log from your device.

NOTE: This is a change to the AndroidManifest.xml so be sure to update your custom manifest if you use one. The setting is activated automatically if you choose to bundle with “Debug”, or you can control it manually by adding android.debuggable (values 0 or 1) to the game.project file.

Updating the documentation is an ongoing process, and we’ve made various documentation fixes, e.g. the C-to-Lua callback functions,
broken links, typos etc.

We have also worked on our backend, doing numerous CI fixes, everything from uploading, downloading, unpacking, notarization, bundling the correct things etc. We’re now in a much much better place than before though, so hopefully we won’t see as many issues as this in a long time.
This will help us test and make our releases in a much more efficient manner going forward.


  • Issue-4385 - Added: NE - Added Window events dmExtension::EVENT_ID_ICONIFYAPP and dmExtension::EVENT_ID_DEICONIFYAPP
  • Issue-4610 - Added: Added sound properties pan, gain and speed to the sound component
  • Issue-4621 - Fixed: HTML5 - Fix for checking if the DefoldSoundDevice is available or not
  • Issue-4628 - Fixed: HTML5 - Fixed progress bar for HTML5 loading
  • Issue-4663 - Fixed: HTML5 - Removed defold_sound.swf as fallback for old IE browsers
  • Issue-4666 - Fixed: HTML5 - Fixed issue with splash screen not working
  • Issue-4624 - Fixed: OSX - Make sure to ignore an empty app_icon value
  • Issue-4647 - Fixed: Win32 - Make sure to notify gamesys of the window size before calling init() on any scripts
  • Issue-4633 - Fixed: ANDROID - Added android.debuggable to the AndroidManifest.xml
  • Issue-4659 - Fixed: IOS - Info.plist is now included in standalone ios simulator bundles
  • ---------- - Fixed: IOS - The .dSYM folder now contains both 32/64 bit architectures
  • Issue-3202 - Fixed: Added support for negative indices in serialized tables (DEF-3826)
  • Issue-4645 - Fixed: Trimmed (sprite) polygons now use same winding as untrimmed polygons
  • Issue-4669 - Fixed: Https+POST requests now use chunked upload for sizes larger than 16k bytes
  • Issue-3135 - Fixed: Crash when shutting down while playing with a custom easing curve
  • ---------- - Fixed: Bob.jar now returns valid android resource paths from manifest merging errors


  • DEFEDIT-2887 - Fixed: Fixed exception during build when stripping declarations
  • DEFEDIT-2910 - Fixed: Updated editor particlefx vertex format to match runtime
  • DEFEDIT-2814 - Fixed: Hide tooltip immediately on mouse out

Crash on exit when animation is running (SOLVED)
Engine pause/resume events in native extensions (SOLVED)
Editor 2 migration issue? (#4659)(SOLVED)
Sys.load tables with negative indexes (DEF-3826) (SOLVED)
Sprite trimming in html problems (#4645)(SOLVED)
Unhandled ssl status code: 16384 ( 4000) (SOLVED)
pinned globally #2