Defold 1.2.154 has been released


Defold 1.2.154

This release contains fixes for some new features.

For Android 64 bit we had to leave the LuaJIT compilation disabled due to crash issues. The LuaJIT interpreter is still enabled though, giving the regular performance boost.


  • DEF-3943 - Fixed : Bug when using IP addresses for HTTP requests
  • ........ - Changed : Disabled Lua JIT on Android 64bit.
  • ........ - Fixed : Issue when bundling both 32 and 64 bits binaries in the same Android APK.
  • ........ - Fixed : The project option android.debuggable is working again

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Please, pay attention!
If you want to build Android 64bit, you need to re-create appmanifest using the manifestation tool.

In version 1.2.154 we have an issue DEF-3945: android 64bit doesn’t respect build variants (debug/release) and Android 64bit all the time in debug mode.

We’ve made a fix in 1.2.155 but at the moment if you need release version, you can add next fixes into your appmanifest file for arm64-android as workaround:

`excludeLibs: ["engine", "engine_service", "profilerext"]`
`libs: ["engine_release", "engine_service_null", "profilerext_null"]`