Defold 1.2.153 has been released


Defold 1.2.153

In this release we changed how an address string is resolved to a network host name when doing HTTP requests. Previously, a bad connection could potentially block the application for a very long time, causing ANRs on Android. The new DNS resolver is non-blocking and will cancel any pending requests when the application is exiting.

Manifest Merge Tool

Native extension builds can now include manifest snippets that will be merged into your final application manifest (Android manifest, info.plist and HTML5 template).

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Android 64-bit Support

In this release we added Android 64-bit (arm64-android) support. For now the option is opt-in to allow for extension authors to update their extensions to support this new platform. To output an arm64 binary in your Android APK check the corresponding checkbox in the bundle dialog if bundling through the editor, or add --architectures armv7-android,arm64-android to your Bob command line.


  • DEF-3459 - Added: Android 64bit support.
  • DEF-3923 - Added: Manifest merge tool.
  • DEF-3319 - Added: Made log port configurable.
  • DEF-3815 - Fixed: Possible ANR when doing http.request().
  • DEF-3895 - Fixed: Deleting particle fx gui nodes with playing particle effects will not delete the node.
  • DEF-3926 - Fixed: Fix for enhance android library issue.
  • DEF-3638 - Fixed: Removed log message about missing physics socket.


  • DEFEDIT-1668 - Fixed: Enter not working in code editor on linux.
  • DEFEDIT-1670 - Fixed: Optimized cache to not rebuild unnecessary on large projects.
  • DEFEDIT-1674 - Fixed: Exception caused by moving tabs between different splits.

Manifest Merge Tool
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