Defold 1.2.149 has been released


Defold 1.2.149

The render script update function now supplies dt as an argument. Change the signature to update(self, dt) to access the timestep.

The sys namespace has been extended to include API:s previously accessed via messages only. See the API documentation for more information.

This release we remove the possibility to run Bob on 32-bit Windows systems. The editor dropped support for running on 32-bit platforms previously and now it’s time for our commandline build tool to follow suit. You can still bundle and release your game for 32-bit Windows.

Android Push Notifications

Due to Google deprecating their Cloud Messaging service we have migrated our Android remote push functionality to use Firebase Cloud Messaging. Nothing in the Defold API has changed, but if you are currently using remote pushes for Android you will need to migrate your Google Cloud Platform project to a Firebase project and enable Cloud Messaging through their portal.

A detailed guide how to migrate, or setup a new, Firebase project for remote Android pushes is available in the manual section of our documentation.


  • DEF-2168 - Added : Added “dt” to *.render_script update() function.
  • DEF-3798 - Added : Extend sys Lua scope with engine messages.
  • DEF-3725 - Added : Set WM_CLASS when setting window title on Linux.
  • DEF-3248 - Changed : Android remote push notifications now use Firebase Cloud Messaging.
  • DEF-3820 - Changed : Drop support for running Bob on 32-bit Windows.
  • DEF-3618 - Fixed : Preloader path cache.
  • DEF-3526 - Fixed : Incorrect screen coordinates in HTML5 on iPhone when position of block fixed.
  • DEF-3828 - Fixed : Fix particlefx emitter state documentation strings for gui script.
  • DEF-3812 - Fixed : Update documentation for Facebook Analytics events.
  • DEF-3817 - Fixed : Profiler size and performance optimisations.
  • DEF-3823 - Fixed : Make sure to release socket when no messages are pending.
  • DEF-1948 - Fixed : HTML5 logs prints as errors.
  • DEF-3529 - Fixed : Fix so mobile icons/launch images are automatically resized if missing during bundling.
  • DEF-3810 - Fixed : Removing tiles from tilemap updates collision shape but does not affect objects at rest.
  • DEF-3820 - Fixed : Trimming the size of bob.jar.
  • DEF-3808 - Fixed : Fixed issue with build report not handling files with no suffix.


  • DEFEDIT-1593 - Added : Scroll code editor by dragging visible minimap region.
  • DEFEDIT-1524 and DEFEDIT-1592 - Fixed : Display collision objects with non-uniform transform in editor in the same way engine renders them.
  • DEFEDIT-1573 - Changed : Improve performance of json pasring when loading project.
  • DEFEDIT-1578 - Changed : Overhauled shortcuts to be platform-aware.
  • DEFEDIT-1582 - Changed : Improved performance of Search in Files dialog.
  • DEFEDIT-1513 - Changed : Updated used JDK and dependencies in editor.
  • DEFEDIT-1574 - Fixed : Fixed box selection regression.
  • DEFEDIT-1597 - Fixed : Fixed playing animation regression.


  • Added a manual for WebView usage.
  • Updated the manual for Android push notifications.


I download defold editor from dashboard, but is still 1.2.148



Me too.



The editor download link should now be updated. Please try again.