Defold 1.2.146 has been released


Defold 1.2.146

This release adds a new “vertex space” option for materials used by 3D models. This option decides in which space the vertices are exposed for a model; either in object/local space or world space. World space is the old behaviour, where vertex calculations are all done on the CPU, while local space will not transform the vertices but instead pass along the matrices to the shader so it can be performed on the GPU instead. This means that models with materials that has the local space option cannot be batched, but scenes and models with a large amount of vertices can gain a big performance increase by offloading the transform to the GPU.

WebView moved to Native Extension

Another change, and a big step for us moving forward with keeping the runtime as small as possible, has been to extract the webview module into a real native extension library. Our plan is to continue this work and extract even more modules into official native extensions. webview was a good initial candidate for us to learn what removing modules from the core would mean and what work needs to be done, without annoyances to the majority of Defold users. If you previously were using webview, you will need to add the following URL to your dependencies in game.project:

The documentation for webview is now available here:

For more information and discussion, see this forum post.

Editor 1 deprecation

If you are still using the old Eclipse based Defold Editor 1, now it’s a good time to update to Editor 2 since the old editor will not receive updates after 31st of March 2019 :tada:. Users of Editor 1 will now see a new message when they update that explains where to download the newest editor.


  • DEF-3006 - Added: Unbatched/view-space mode for 3D models.
  • DEF-3715 - Changed: Moved webview into an external native extension.
  • DEF-2302 - Changed: Deprecation log message in render.draw_debug2d calls.
  • DEF-3742 - Changed: Removed Wine support on Native Extension server
  • DEF-2663 - Fixed: Fixed issue with webview.set_visible on Android.
  • DEF-3745 - Fixed: Renderer now supports up to 16 render constants.
  • DEF-3746 - Fixed: tilemap.set_tile on index 0 yielded error in comp_collision_object.
  • DEF-3728 - Fixed: Crashes related to push.schedule.
  • DEF-3687 - Fixed: Tilemap collision shapes were wrong when tilemap was very large.
  • DEF-3720 - Fixed: Regression in tilemap.set_tile, incorrect interval check.
  • DEF-3713 - Fixed: More profile scopes related to script functions.
  • DEF-3716 - Fixed: Profile scopes in web profiler are now sorted.
  • DEF-3737 - Fixed: Detection of is_music_playing() on Android is improved and music is no longer automatically muted.
  • DEF-3734 - Fixed: Web profiler showed wrong timings on Windows.


We have fixed so that double clicking a game.project file under macOS will start the editor and open the correct project. (Note: This feature currently only works for fresh installs of the editor. It will be available through auto-update once we have fixed the new editor-update flow currently being worked on.)

  • DEFEDIT-1523 - Fixed: Double clicking a game.project will open the project in Editor 2.
  • DEFEDIT-1525 - Fixed: Copying build errors as text.


Mac only?


Not sure. @markus.gustavsson?


No, for all platforms. But for now this feature available only with manual updating of the editor (at least with current updater).


This ^^
Thanks for replying. The editor has two parts. A launcher and the main program. The launcher needed updates to support the double click/commandline argument. And our current auto updating does not update the launcher. So you will only get the new launcher if you manually download the latest version of the editor. We are working on an updater that can update everything.


any ideas?


Did you specify a constant in the material that is named obj?


Yes, it’s my issue, but it crash anyway because of “gl error 1282”


Could you share the project with me so I can take a look?

(Edit: Or make a small repro case if you don’t want to share the project)


Ok the issue was in custom model material. I use build-in vertex shader with custom fragment shader and adding mtx_worldview in material made it working again. Thanks!


Good to hear! Let us know if you have any more issues!


tangent ! tangent ! tangent ! I want normal mapping.