Defold 1.2.145 has been released


Defold 1.2.145

This release adds more script profiling details, now you can see how much time is spent in each engine callable script function (init, update, on_message, on_input, on_reload and final).

We also added more control to what happens if a user clicks links inside Webviews. You will now get a callback when navigation is about to change and have the option to prevent it from happening.


  • DEF-3620 - Added: Webview support for a callback when a link is clicked
  • DEF-3601 - Added: Named profiling scopes for script functions.
  • DEF-3696 - Fixed: collectionfactory.load() on an empty collections caused a crash.
  • DEF-3707 - Fixed: Crash when parsing invalid JSON in push notifications.
  • DEF-3705 - Fixed: Crash when setting invalid tile index on a tilemap.
  • DEF-3692 - Fixed: Potential Android crash if AdvertisingIdClient throws unknown exception.
  • DEF-3652 - Fixed: Crash when reloading collection with spine scene.
  • DEF-3685 - Fixed: Multitouch input sometimes reporting multiple pressed/released.
  • DEF-3066 - Fixed: Setting a gui node Z scale of 0 makes node un-pickable.
  • DEF-3235 - Fixed: collectionfactory.load crashed engine if already loaded.
  • DEF-3698 - Fixed: Crash when loading a GO factory that is already loading.
  • DEF-1858 - Fixed: Right mouse button detection not working in HTML5.
  • DEF-532 - Fixed: Crash when printing Gui node from different scene.
  • DEF-3636 - Fixed: iap.restore() did not work on Android.
  • DEF-2726 - Fixed: Gui node comparison did not return false if comparing nodes from different scenes.


  • DEFEDIT-1502/-1517 - Added: F2 shortcut key to rename.
  • DEFEDIT-1516 - Added: Press Enter to open file.
  • DEFEDIT-1518 - Added: Esc and Enter trigger Cancel and Ok buttons in dialogs.
  • DEFEDIT-1509/-1514 - Fixed: Exceptions in code editor.
  • DEFEDIT-1522 - Fixed: Disallow adding collection as a child to itself.
  • DEFEDIT-1510 - Fixed: Exception during rebuild.
  • DEFEDIT-1515 - Fixed: Color missing from first Console line.
  • DEFEDIT-1521 - Fixed: Layers in tilemap now sorted by z-order.
  • DEF-3711 - Fixed: Font shadows now display properly in the editor.

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Im docs you changed render pridicate description. Now 64 was 32. You change it in current release?

---The current limit to the number of tags that can be defined is 64.


This is a bug in the documentation. The max number of material tags is 32.


Updated original post with Editor 2 changes as well! :+1:


How do I update ?

Download the Whole thing ?


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: F2 to rename! Wooo!!!


The launcher/editor should give you an option to update once it has downloaded the latest version. It won’t force you to automatically update you have to click the update button.


Oh! Okay , Never saw that before, maybe i check the forums too fast.