Defold 1.2.144 has been released


Defold 1.2.144

Font Improvements

We’ve done a bit of work related to the font rendering. There’s now a new render mode property in the font that dictate how fonts should be rendered. Currently, there’s only two modes available - Single Layer and Multi Layer that either renders the text on a single quad or on separate quads per character. This means that things like drop shadow and large outlines can easily be achieved.

The default builtin font shaders have been updated to support this new functionality, so please update your custom shaders if you want to access this new feature.

iOS custom entitlements

It is now possible to add custom entitlements to your project which will be used in signing the ipa during bundling. Any custom entitlements must be defined with wildcard values in your provisioning profile as well (

Hot Reload

Hot reload now does better dependency tracking. Hot reloading a resource now reloads dependant resources as well. We’ve also fixed the hotloading of atlases in Editor 2.


  • DEF-3521 - Added : Added updated font materials that correctly generates an offset font shadow
  • DEF-3611 - Added : Added shadow support to distance field fonts
  • DEF-3603 - Added : iOS custom entitlements
  • DEF-3564 - Fixed : Fixed crash reporting on 64 bit Android.
  • DEF-3642 - Fixed : Fixed documentation name for sys.SYSFIELD_MANUFACTURER
  • DEF-3671 - Fixed : Fixed issue of web profiler showing “undefined”
  • DEF-3676 - Fixed : Http client truncated header data in some cases
  • DEF-3534 - Fixed : Hot reload of atlases now work in Editor 2


  • DEFEDIT-1200 - Fixed : Faster undo on large projects
  • DEFEDIT-1497 - Fixed : Don’t block UI while building native extensions
  • DEFEDIT-1491 - Fixed : Don’t delete files with changed capitalization on sync
  • DEFEDIT-1498 - Fixed : ConcurrentModificationException when closing multiple tabs
  • DEFEDIT-1503 - Fixed : Debugger handles non-unique __tostring and gui nodes from other scene
  • DEFEDIT-1494 - Fixed : IllegalArgumentException after zooming with apple mouse in scene view
  • DEFEDIT-1500 - Fixed : Missing referenced .go or .collection prevents project from loading


Had a bit of a panic that all my fonts disappeared… Glad I checked here though.


Did a recent update make debug builds run slower than before?


Not to my knowledge. How does this manifest itself? How do you measure the speed?


It might be because we also recently switched a bunch of GOs to Collections with GOs attached to them. Will need to test more…


Did more tests, the extra collections are not the cause. It’s possibly either fmod or discordrich NEs that are causing slowdown in debug builds only on Windows. Still need to do some more tests to rule out either…

Edit: Got slowdown with debug version without these NEs and without the extra collections. It’s kind of random so hard to test. :sob:

It also only happens on one computer so must be some unique issue on it.

44ms on one computer.

181-239ms on the bad one sometimes randomly otherwise runs well and in release runs well. Like sometimes running build it’s fine other times it’s laggy.


Try having a look at the profiler when the slow-down happens, might be some leads to go on there.


Which profiler and what specifically should I be looking for?


Look at where the frame time is spent. From the image it looks like a lot of time is spent in gui update as well as running scripts and to some extent dispatching messages and input. I don’t know anything about the game, but that information might narrow down where the issue is.


Yeah, from the profiler sample shown there is a lot of slow-down happening in one of your on_input() (GameObject.DispatchInput) functions as well as most likely update() (Gameobject.Scriptc). Do you run some native extension code or do you have some super expensive computations in those functions?


How to update , does it not show automatically?


No, it doesn’t update automatically. It does however download it automatically, and it’ll show you the clickable button to update it:

When launching the editor:

Or, when a project is already opened:


Nothing expensive - something we tried was to make it so a flag would enable to return true at the top of the on_input and update if flag was on to see if disabling it completely would help with a slow debug build but didn’t help. Could just be the CPU of the computer somehow but we’ll keep testing.