Defold 1.2.137 has been released


Defold 1.2.137

This release adds a new orientation option for particle effects. We have also replaced the --debug option for Bob, and “release” option in Editor dialogs, with “engine variants”, see section below.

Engine Variants

Bundling a project (either with Editor or Bob) now supports three variants, this replaces the --debug option in Bob and the Release option in the editor bundle dialog. Bundling release builds from the Editor now yields a real release build when the project contains native extensions without the need for an application manifest. Editor bundling can also target headless builds for desktop targets (Linux, MacOS and Windows).

ParticleFX Angular Velocity

We have added a new particle orientation mode for emitters; angular velocity. This will enable you to have particles spinning at different speeds. They can be controlled over a particles lifetime, for example having particles start rotating at one speed to slowly come to a halt.

Removal of Linux and OSX 32bit engines

We have previously removed the official support for Linux 32 bit engine builds, and now the time has come to remove that platform entirely from our builds (it has been available via bob.jar). The main reason is that it is too cumbersome to maintain, and we see that the usage of 32 bit Linux platforms is very small nowadays. On the same note, we’re removing the 32 bit macOS builds from bob.jar as well since the earliest os version we support is macOS 10.7 (Lion), which is a 64 bit platform.


  • DEF-1593 - Added: New particle orientation mode for angular velocity.
  • DEF-2477 - Added: Engine build variants - debug, release and headless in Bob and Editor bundle dialogue
  • DEF-3487 - Changed: Removed 32 bit Linux+OSX engines from bob.jar.
  • DEF-3496 - Fixed: Missing iPad Pro 10.5" launch images.
  • DEF-3047 - Fixed: Log spam on Android 8+ devices related to CPU profiler.
  • DEF-3494 - Fixed: http.request() failed under certain conditions.
  • DEF-3456 - Fixed: Cloned spine nodes were not getting correct skin and animation.
  • DEF-1966 - Fixed: Collection proxies did not handle input consumption correctly.
  • DEF-3489 - Fixed: X11 context initialization for the Linux engine.
  • DEF-2929 - Fixed: on_input in GUI was missing accelerometer fields.
  • DEF-3464 - Fixed: Bug with stored notifications were not received on Android.
  • DEF-3479 - Fixed: Added API check before attempting to login with Facebook.


Long-running tasks such as bundling, building and saving are now performed on a background thread, with a progress bar in the lower right corner. Actions that modify the project on disk are disabled while this is happening, but otherwise you can keep working in the editor while you wait for the task to complete. We also make sure that changes made outside the editor are seen by the editor before saving. Note that if an unsaved file is also changed externally, the external version will win, and your unsaved changes will be lost.

  • DEFEDIT-1420 - Changed: Long-running tasks such as bundling, building and saving are now performed on a background thread.
  • DEFEDIT-1420 - Fixed: The editor will no longer overwrite external changes when saving if it has not detected them.
  • DEFEDIT-1420 - Fixed: Broken library URLs are now reported correctly when bundling or building for HTML5.
  • DEFEDIT-1420 - Fixed: Sometimes the progress bar could disappear, leaving only the percentage-label visible.
  • DEFEDIT-1427 - Fixed: The Property and Outline panels could stop redrawing while a Particle FX or animation was playing.
  • DEFEDIT-1430 - Changed: Visibility Filters now have separate toggles for components inside or outside of GUI scenes.
  • DEFEDIT-1432 - Fixed: Improved progress reporting in several areas.
  • DEFEDIT-1437 - Fixed: Fixed occasional “File Not Found” errors when returning to the editor after switching branches.
  • DEFEDIT-1439 - Fixed: Updated autocomplete definitions for the Code Editor.
  • DEFEDIT-1440 - Fixed: Bundling a project with native extensions reported Ready too early.

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I’d like to comment that this release fixed an issue I was experiencing on 64 bit linux - when running debug (via F5), the engine would crash a few times before running properly. I just dealt with it.

Since this update, that hasn’t happened.


Is that correct, that build html from editor, build release version instead of debug? I have no profiler in html game.


I made a test project which just toggled profiler and win it works html5 it does not. Tried to add a debug appmanifest and profiler still did not show up.


Sorry, didn’t quite follow. Did you get the expected result or not?


My execpted result is same build as in win(debug with profiler)


I just tried like and get this result:



Note that Project->Build HTML5 results in a Release variant build.


Shouldn’t Project->Build HTML5 result in debug variant?

Shouldn’t debug appmanifest force debug with Project->Bebuild? I just used an appmanifest generated from your tool.


Yes it should. @vilse will investigate.

An app manifest, referenced from game.project, should be respected when doing any kind of build, no matter if it is Project->Build, Project->Rebuild or a Project->Bundle. Isn’t this the case?


I don’t know, I did not do further test to see if debug was actually not working in HTML5, just the normal visual profiler wasn’t showing up even with a debug appmanifest set.


… retracted

I wasn’t using latest editor version. :zipper_mouth_face:


It must be that HTML5 builds from Project->Build are always being forced to release and not debug even with appmanifest. I noticed that printing also is not working which is pretty annoying!


I’ll look into this as soon as I can.


Ceeated DEFEDIT-1467 for this.


@Pkeod This has been fixed now and if you are on the alpha channel for the editor you should have the fix if you update.


I got the next problem:

I am building my projects with bob, and when I set up variant release, the build is not fully in release mode, as i am noticed (huge size on devises(35mb+) , and more APK size)

I did not know, what I need to specify the –strip-executable, to get release version as in previous build (138-) and release build from edito nowr. It took some time to research this for me :slight_smile:

So, my question is. What the case, when you build the release build and need to not strip the executables?


If you specify “–debug”, it will default to the debug variant, and if you omit the debug flag, it will default to the release variant, as well as stripping the executable.

Leaving stripping for a later stage is useful if you wish to extract the debug symbols yourself, e.g. for uploading to a symbolication server.

But, for the strip-executable we might want that to default to true. What do you think @vilse?


Could be, but then we need to change to flag to no-strip…


The intent was that if you did not specify “–variant” or “–strip-executable” but instead used the legacy options of no option or “–debug” it would behave as it did before.

Will discuss internally and verify the behaviour.