Defold 1.2.135 has been released

Defold Beta 1.2.135

In this sprint we’ve fixed a sound glitch on the HTML5 target. Also, we’ve fixed a lot of issues for the NE builds, most notably better error reporting when using Clang to build Win32 targets.

We have updated the gui.set_parent() to take a new flag keep_scene_transform which will make it work the same way as the keep_scene_transform event for game objects.
See the documentation for full info.

Now you can also find the AndroidManifest.xml and Info.plist files directly under the builtins folder in the Editor


  • DEF-3257 - Added: Added keep_scene_transform flag for gui.set_parent
  • DEF-2515 - Fixed: Fixed crackling sound issue in HTML5
  • DEF-3413 - Fixed: Mouse input sometimes blocked in Chrome on Windows when using Facebook SDK
  • DEF-3410 - Fixed: Increased max path length of http.request() calls to 2048
  • DEF-3392 - Fixed: Moved AndroidManifest.xml and Info.plist to the builtins package
  • DEF-3403 - Fixed: Fixed crash in IAP module when shutting down on Android
  • DEF-1866 - Fixed: Fixed bugs with enter key event on Android and HTML5.
  • DEF-3386 - Fixed: Creating a live update settings file caused an exception
  • DEF-3126 - Fixed: NE - Fixed icon support for Win32 NE builds
  • DEF-3406 - Fixed: NE - Added support for NE link flag for Win32 to disable console window
  • DEF-2711 - Fixed: NE - Added better error reporting for native extensions from bob.jar
  • DEF-3415 - Fixed: NE - Removed a lot of erronous WINSOCK warnings when building Win32 with clang
  • DEF-3414 - Fixed: NE - Improved error reporting for NE Win32 builds using Clang
  • DEF-3387 - Fixed: DOC - Added auto completion for the timer module to the Editor
  • DEF-3394 - Fixed: DOC - Fixed missing/incorrect documentation.


  • DEFEDIT-1386 - Added: Show/Hide objects by category in scene editor

Work In Progress

We are currently working on a file upload cache for NE builds. This will help with turnaround times for




I’m on Version 1.2.134 and getting this in the logs??

2018-08-27 21:58:11.736 133827 [Timer-0] INFO  editor.updater - {:line 43, :message "checking for updates"}
2018-08-27 21:58:11.737 133828 [Timer-0] DEBUG com.defold.editor.Updater - checking for update url=''
2018-08-27 21:58:11.997 134088 [Timer-0] INFO  editor.updater - {:line 52, :message "no update found"}

I don’t see editor update yet either, will probably happen soon.

We just noticed that the release had not been merged back into the editor dev branch/channel. It’s building as we speak.



What’s the “NE link flag for Win32 to disable console window” ?

Looks like NE exes are using a default icon now unlike before but still not the icon supplied by a game.project file. So it is still necessary to modify the exe with resource hacker to make the icon correct.

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The flag for disabling the console window is "-Wl,/subsystem:windows" (or or "/subsystem:windows" if not using clang)

Hmm, I tested the custom icon build yesterday before releasing… I’ll double check later when I’m at the office.


I have a custom icon defined here

But this is the icon the exe uses

Could you check that your icon has the correct sizes? (The tool we use from IBM is really picky, and I believe it fails silently)
(App and window icon on Windows (DEF-3126) (SOLVED))

Can that be in the app.manifest or can it only be used when building from command line?

Here is the icon for reference (31.3 KB)

It has these sizes… which looks right but it has a 256 size too. Can’t have that?


You should put that flag in the game.appmanifest yes.

Yes, I think the 256x256 icon is the issue here.
I’d like to update that tool (and modify it) since a newer version supports 256px icons, as well as add error messages to it :confused:

EDIT: I will add another ticket for that
EDIT 2: Added ticket DEF-3452 for supporting 256px icons

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Like this? Doesn’t seem to remove console or is this wrong?

Should auto-convert to spaces or auto-prettify?

Was complaining about the tabs at the end from copy and pasting


BTW for sure notice faster build times with Clang!!

Looks like it was the 256 size that was the issue. I made a new icon from that site with those settings and it worked


But yeah 256 size should be supported too.

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Great that you for the icon working.

Yes, that seems correct for the subsystem flag. And yes only spaces are allowed in YAML files.
To be clear, did you get it working after removing the tabs in the manifest?

Yes, removed tabs, but console still shows up. (440 Bytes)


Ok, I’ll check that out (I’ll be in the office in a few hours or so)


@Pkeod sorry, it’s link flag, that’s why it didn’t work :slight_smile:

            use-clang:  true
            linkFlags:  ["-Wl,/subsystem:windows"]

            use-clang:  true
            linkFlags:  ["-Wl,/subsystem:windows"]

@britzl, would you mind adding this flag to the Manifestor tool?
(And, linkFlags: ["/subsystem:windows"]when not using clang)


Done! Should be available in a few minutes