Defold 1.2.133 has been released

Defold 1.2.133

This release contains part two of the Live update feature. With this new feature it is possible to push a new manifest to a published game as well as new resources. This allows for pushing new content to already published games without doing a full app-store update.

Collections now support hot reload. Changes done to a collection can be hot reloaded to a running game on desktop or on device.

The native extensions now have support for building with Clang (6.0) for Win32 targets. This makes the actual build step go from minutes to a few seconds. You can enable this feature by adding the property use-clang: true to the platform context in your app manifest. This feature is currently for beta testing, but it will eventually replace the current builds (which uses CL.exe).

The native extension app manifest now supports adding compilation flags for each platform. This is helpful when you need to add flags in addition to the ones from each extension.


  • DEF-3323 - Added: Collection hot reload support.
  • DEF-2411 - Added: Liveupdate store and verify manifest.
  • DEF-3375 - Fixed: Fixed crash when calculating particle instance emitter count
  • DEF-3330 - Fixed: sys.get_save_path now uses the platform path characters.
  • DEF-3359 - Fixed: Optimized engine size a bit by adding “-fno-rtti”.
  • DEF-3283 - Fixed: Try to resume WebAudio on mouse/touch interaction (and also handle a null DefoldSoundDevice)
  • DEF-3352 - Fixed: Native Extensions: Added support for Objective-C flags -f[no-]objc-arc and -f[no-]objc-arc-exceptions.

Work in progress

We’ve started with the new feature of caching the uploaded files/libraries to the extension build server.
This should improve turnaround times a lot as well as saving bandwidth for certain users.

We are also currently upgrading our Facebook SDK to the latest version.


The manuals on has not been updated with the new content yet. Working on it!


Great update! Thanks to the great team!


What’s the HASH for this version? I’m having build issues on OSX on the latest version and would like to downgrade to this one. :disappointed_relieved:

How can I download Editor 2 for this version?

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Hash for 1.2.133 is 7b2c2c019d6fa106f78e2e98cd3009a21d4095aa

Can download for OSX Here:

Just happened to have it all up myself :slight_smile:


You can find the hash of every release at Also hash of current release at