Defold 1.2.132 has been released


Defold 1.2.132

This release fixes an issue with bitmap font outlines. Outlines would previously sometimes be clipped and look different compared to an equivalent distance field font outline. If you are using bitmap fonts with outline in your project, check that everything looks as expected.

Optimized engine binary size by excluding hidden symbols. A crash when canceling a timer in its completion callback was also fixed.


  • DEF-1956 - Fixed: Exclude hidden symbols from engine binary.
  • DEF-3095 - Fixed: Bitmap font outline clipping and width.
  • DEF-3336 - Fixed: Calling timer.cancel() on a non-repeating timer inside its callback crashes the engine.
  • DEF-3338 - Fixed: Collection factory create() function should accept nil value in place of table.
  • DEF-3261 - Fixed: Throttle bob console log to not output excessive progression.


  • Added note to go.delete() about deletion being async.
  • Added new manuals for: building blocks, graphics overview, atlas, tilemap and collection proxy.
  • Updated manuals for: workflow, GUI layout, editor, render, animation, community, Lua, spine, spine model, model, physics and debugging.

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