Defold 1.2.129 has been released


Defold 1.2.129

This sprint we’ve fixed an issue where the local push notifications weren’t accessible between sessions on Android.
Also, we have added support for zero width spaces, which is helpful when you do localization.

And there is now also the ability to reset the IK target for spine animations, via the new function spine.reset_ik_target(url, ik_constraint_id)

There is now also a new tutorial available Walking Austronaut, both as a starting template within the Editor and also directly on the website


  • DEF-3133 - Added: Added spine.reset_ik_target function
  • DEF-2747 - Fixed: Local push notifications are now persistent between sessions on Android
  • DEF-3303 - Fixed: Engine and Editor 2 interpret a zero width space as whitespace for breaking lines
  • DEF-3281 - Fixed: Each collection now supports more than 16k sprites (fixed again!)
  • DEF-3284 - Fixed: Updated Android manifest to target SDK version 26
  • DEF-2596 - Fixed: Collection factory memory leak


  • DEFEDIT-1381 - Fixed: Saving on Windows 10 now faster.
  • DEFEDIT-1393 - Fixed: Particle effect emitters sorted on z-value in the editor.
  • DEFEDIT-1395 - Fixed: Intermittent crash when playing and editing particlefx.
  • DEFEDIT-1397 - Fixed: Boxes in gui editor sorted by layer + index.
  • DEFEDIT-1398 - Fixed: Models no longer overdrawn by other objects in scene editor.

Work in progress

Lua timer module

The new timer functionality just barely missed this release. It will now land in the next release.

Live update

The tasks of the live update feature are now into its final stages
and should be available soon for release.

Native extensions

We are currently working on optimizing the build times for Win32/Win64.
Early tests are really promising but there are a series of small tasks that needs to be done
in order for this to work well.



wooooow! just checked and works fine, thanks a lot for this update! :sparkling_heart:



If it means this issue: then is still :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



That was the intention at least. Ping @Erik_Angelin

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We failed to merge the DEFEDIT-* fixes into this stable release. If you’re on the stable channel (see Help>About) we owe you an apology. If you’ve downloaded the editor from the dashboard you will by default be on the editor-alpha channel and the fixes should already be in place or available in an update.