Defold 1.2.125 has been released


Defold 1.2.125

This release fixes a number of issues and bugs. A rendering artefact seen in Safari versions >11.0.1 is fixed, a hard crash when number of touch inputs exceeded the supported number is also fixed. The default render script has been updated with useful projection helper functions, and calling gui.stop_particlefx on a particlefx gui node will now have the same behaviour as calling particlefx.stop on a gameobject component. Better link errors for native extension on Win32 was also added, along with a number of smaller fixes.

The native extension server has also been updated with more descriptive error messages for various situations.


  • DEF-3185 - Added: Added projection helper functions to the default render script
  • DEF-3061 - Fixed: HTML5 rendering issue for Safari.
  • DEF-3209 - Fixed: Multitouch crash on iOS when using more than supported number of touches.
  • DEF-3206 - Fixed: Stopping all playing particlefx on a single particlefx GUI node.
  • DEF-3233 - Fixed: iOS11: App now requests priority over system gestures (i.e. touches at edges)
  • DEF-3217 - Fixed: The SIGABRT signal will now generate a _crash log.
  • DEF-3215 - Fixed: dmLog* functions on iOS now use NSLog.
  • DEF-3162 - Fixed: Changed what part of the script filepath is reported on Lua errors.
  • DEF-3184 - Fixed: Improved link errors for native extensions on Win32.
  • DEF-3197 - Fixed: Resource hashes does not include the factory base path.

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Cool! Can we have more details please? Thanks.



It includes three helper functions:

fixed_projection(near, far, zoom)
fixed_fit_projection(near, far)
stretch_projection(near, far)

Stretch is the default. If you want to change it, copy the renderer from builtins and change a line in the render script update():

   render.set_projection(fixed_fit_projection(-1, 1))
  --  render.set_projection(stretch_projection(-1, 1))


If you need to alter projection in runtime you can easily add code to the render script on_message() and send messages to “@render:” to do what you need.



what does it mean?

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It means that upon a Lua error, the output filename will show the last 60 characters (as opposed to the first 60 characters). It will help when pinpointing what script file caused an error.



Thank you.



Could this be included in next update?