Defold 1.2.121 has been released


Defold 1.2.121

This release adds some previously missing quaternion support for certain vmath functions and miscellaneous fixes for LiveUpdates and Spine/Model runtime.


  • DEF-3109 - Added: Added support for quaternions in vmath.lengthSqr vmath.length_sqr, vmath.length and vmath.normalize.
  • DEF-2956 - Changed: Tilegrid cells now use polygon shape collision internally.
  • DEF-2997 - Fixed: Issue with LiveUpdate resources shared between excluded/bundled collectionproxies.
  • DEF-3121 - Fixed: Playing a new spine animation in complete callback would render one incorrect frame.
  • DEF-3111 - Fixed: Added a --version flag to bob.jar.
  • DEF-3112 - Fixed: Library order issue in HTML5 NE builds.
  • DEF-3053 - Fixed: Reverted a previous go.animate optimization fix due to a crash, will be readded at later stage.


  • Updated API reference for ray_cast_response and added raycast miss to example.


We are waiting for update in Editor2


which exactly issue was reverted?


Ed2 team is working on it!

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Regarding DEF-3053: It was a small optimisation for when we are deleting animations generated by “go.animate()”, we loop over too many animations to check if they’re finished. The optimisation was to only stop the relevant animations. However, there was a rare case where this code broke, and crashed. It wasn’t a huge gain for more modern devices, so we’ll see when I will pick that one up again. There are other more relevant things to optimise instead.


What does this mean? They are watertight now?

Downloading editor1 again to test and I don’t notice differences in before and after update with a platformer project using tilemap collisions.


The DEF-2956 is a robustness improvement. It means that each cell is treated as a convex polygon. This will improve on the situations where objects could pass the first edge, and not register any more collisions. Now you’ll get collisions, even if you’re deep within the tilegrid (i.e. in a solid cell surrounded by 8 other solid cells).


Cool! I’ll test this more once E2 is updated!

Should it have any impact on the debug drawing of the tilemap collision shapes or should that remain the same as it was?


The debug drawing should be the same :slight_smile:


still waiting update for editor 2 …


Yes, our top people are working on it :slight_smile: