Defold 1.2.108 has been released

Defold 1.2.108

This release includes native extensions support for Windows, some fixes to our Collada scene support and Spine in GUI, updated SDKs for iPhoneOS and MacOSX, and added support for 16-bit texture formats.

SDK updates

We’ve updated the minimum iPhoneOS minVersion to 6.0
The new SDK versions are iPhoneOS 10.3 and MacOSX 10.12

16-bit Textures (RGB/A + Luminosity)

New 16-bit formats are added for RGB, RGBA and Luminosity with Alpha. These formats are accepted on all supported devices and also works with WebP compression. 16-bit RGBA is especially useful for Android applications using alpha textures, which otherwise have to resort to 32-bit RGBA taking twice the memory footprint.

Native Extensions

This sprint we’ve finished up the Windows support for native extensions as well as updated the iPhone/MacOSX SDK’s. Next up is Linux support.


  • DEF-2746 - Added: Add 16-bit RGB/A and Luminosity + Alpha support to engine
  • DEF-2796 - Added: WebP lossy/lossless support for 16-bit RGB/A and Luminosity + Alpha
  • DEF-2731 - Added: Added Win32 support in Native Extensions
  • DEF-2778 - Added: Added support for iPhoneOS 10.3 and MacOSX 10.12
  • DEF-2690 - Fixed: Bump max spine scene count for GUI scenes
  • DEF-2716 - Fixed: Minor fix for ColladaUtil if scene only has bones in the visual scenes entry.
  • DEF-1954 - Fixed: WebP lossy compression with HIGH compression level gave visual errors

Nice new features in this release!

There seems to be an issue with the console when using native extensions on windows in editor 1.
As soon as I add the NE the console won’t output anything. If I remove the NE, the console goes back to normal and outputs all my prints.

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Hmm, it seems currently, it’s the release build that gets built for Win32 at this point. I will fix to the next release (DEF-2814). For the other platforms it’s currently debug. We haven’t gotten to the part of supporting all 3 variants yet I’m afraid.

EDIT: The 3 variants being: headless, debug and release build of the engine.


Super glad to see Windows native extensions support!!! I’ll have to wait until the weekend to play with it but I’m super hyped!! Good luck with Linux!