Defold 1.2.105 has been released

Defold 1.2.105

In this release we’ve added a new profiler module. It allows you to monitor the CPU and Memory usage of your app, through the functions profiler.get_memory_usage() and profiler.get_cpu_usage() as reported by the OS (these are not currently available from HTML5).

We’ve also added HTML5 support for native extensions, see notes below for more information.

For those that don’t need the full support of native extensions, we have added the function so that you can call JavaScript directly from your Lua code.

Now it’s also possible to create msg.url() objects before referred collection is loaded (e.g. as script properties). They can now also be reused between reloading the collection.


  • DEF-1058 - Added: Profiler memory and CPU usage information.
  • DEF-2685 - Added: HTML5 support to native extensions.
  • DEF-2727 - Added: Addded function to call JavaScript from Lua.
  • DEF-1995 - Fixed: msg.url() can be created before collection is loaded, and also be reused (msg.socket is a hash).
  • DEF-2721 - Fixed: Bob.jar now lists all options (including defoldsdk).

Native Extensions

We have now added support for building your native extensions for HTML5
It works both when using ‘Build HTML and Launch’ as well as when bundling.
It supports C++, embedded JavaScript, and Emscripten JavaScript libraries.
Editor 2 support for HTML5 native extensions is being worked on and will follow shortly.

We also fixed an issue during the sprint where the build server didn’t take all the
Android flags, linkFlags and libs into account.


There is a new section on the site called “Examples” where you can find small contained examples on how to do common things in Defold. We will expand this section and are taking requests!

EDIT: 2017-05-31: NOTE!

I just wanted to mention that while fixing DEF-1995, we changed the type of the message socket from a Lua number to a hash. So, if you for some reason relied on the type of that member, e.g. using string operations, you might need to patch your code. We believe this is a rare case though.

One such case could be if you printed the socket name like so: print(url.socket .. " <- mysocket").
This happened to expose another issue (DEF-2740), where a concatenation of a hash and a string failed.
This issue has been fixed and will be in the next release (1.2.106)

Sorry for any inconvenience!
/The Defold team


Examples are the bee’s knees! :raised_hands:


One more step with Windows and linux extensions and we will make our own engine using Defold.


The new examples section is awesome! That will make it much easier for beginners to get going. I would add a “move along rotated axis” example. Also maybe a variant of “Spawn game object” that shoots bullets towards the mouse cursor?

Also hooray for HTML5 extensions! Please post an update when they are supported from Editor 2.



Good suggestions, thanks!

The plan is to put the whole examples section on our public Github so you can download and play with them too, or submit a PR. :slight_smile:


Thank you! This will let me do so many things I’ve wanted to experiment with :slight_smile:


And it’s up!