Defold 1.2.104 has been released

Defold 1.2.104

This release adds the possibility to send PUT and HEAD requests through the http.request function. It also includes some fixes related to animation blending in spine scenes that has draw order tracks.

We improved reverse hash handling for debug mode. This was needed in order to prevent the reverse hash containers from growing infinitely (generated instance id’s) which had a severe impact on performance.


  • DEF-2468 - Added: http.request supports PUT and HEAD.
  • DEF-2702 - Fixed: Index out of range when spine draw order slot exceeds mesh count.
  • DEF-2692 - Fixed: Spine blending fixes for draw order animations.
  • DEF-2661 - Fixed: Reverse hashing usage in Collection factories to not impact performance.
  • DEF-2689 - Fixed: Engine crash when async loading is in progress during engine quit.
  • DEF-2566 - Fixed: GUI functions new_texture, delete_texture and set_texture_data now also accept hash.

Native Extension Server

  • Fixed so that packages/classes provided by Jar libraries can be imported in Java sources.
  • Fixed missing usage of compiler and link flags for Android builds.


  • New Color grading post processing shader tutorial.
  • Merged large pull request from @ross.grams containing proofread pass on all manuals.

Big up @ross.grams! :raised_hands:


Missing compiler and link flags for the Android build of ‘Native Extension Server’ successfully resolved. However, running as dmengine will attempt to index ‘global’ timers ‘(nil values).’ Is this my problem? Or was it not resolved?

Are you attempting to run my timer extension on Android? If yes, then it should be working already using Defold 1.2.103 . I tried it on an Android device and the timer extension example is work as expected.

What do you mean by this? Are you bundling and installing an APK or are you running using dmengine.apk and streaming your content to device? Running dmengine.apk will not work since it contains a standard version of the engine without any native extensions.

Is it possible to compile your own dmengine.apk with extensions so you can stream the app from the editor?

If you bundle a debug version of your app and install the resulting apk it should be discoverable from the Project->Target menu.