DefAppsFlyer (Defold AppsFlyer SDK)

Usually, publishers wanna know which of marketing sources is the most efficient.

One of the services for this purpose AppsFlyer.

At the moment this is a very basic implementation of this SDK for Defold with install tracking and custom event tracking. However, I hope it will be useful for somebody.


Doesn’t all the ios traffic come from Appstore?

Analytics are possible to tell where users came from on iOS. I think with deep linking?

They use several different attribution methods:


Hi, I’m just getting started using this (have never used AppsFlyer before either).

As apps on AppsFlyer are single-platform, it would be useful to be able to specify the platform-specific keys in game.project and have DefAppsFlyer select appropriately. Either that, or be able to set it at runtime.

We build with Bob and already override certain settings for development or production builds, so we could use additional settings files for Android/iOS, but our build process is already getting a little complex and I’d like to avoid it.

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I’ll take a look into that today or tomorrow.
It’s been a while I touched this NE last time.

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hm, I just checked and found that Appsflyer uses android.package (the field in game.project) as a key for android, but store id is for iOS (apps_flyer.apple_app_id ).
There is no way to know store id for iOS app from the app, that’s why I have a separate field for it. But for android I can use the android.package field.
Could you please explain again why do you want to have a separate field for android?

I was just following the documentation at
your_appsflyer_key - your application Dev Key in AppsFlyer dashboard (Your Application → App Settings → Dev Key)

I’ve only configured our Android app in the AppsFlyer dashboard (because AppsFlyer can’t find our iOS app - I’ve raised a support ticket), but your documentation suggests that the Dev Key will be different for each app. Is that not the case?

As I remember they use only one appsflyer_key for all the platforms and different appId depends on platform. I’ll recheck everething when I’ll be able to login (I have some issues with my account, maybe because it was inactive for a long time)

You’re correct. They resolved my issue and I was able to add the iOS app, and the key was the same. I thought if it was the same, the key would be found in an ‘organisation settings’ window.
Thanks for your support.

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@AGulev Why did iOS got removed in the last update?

Yes, iOS version was removed from the latest release.
If it’s fine for you to use outdated SDK pls use older version, for the new version iOS SDK will be added a bit later.

Any idea when? I’m actually required to use newer version so it supports ios14 :confused:

It’s hard to say. I’ll try to allocate some time on this week weekends or the next week, but I can’t promise.