DefALL - game idea generator

Originating as an April Fool’s joke this simple module can generate crazy game ideas for you:

And has online version here:


This is hilarious. Should add the ability to copy the text to clipboard

Best one so far is "A cryptic space opera RPG in which you negotiate peace treaties with aliens using interpretive dance evading taxes.

So when do we make a Jam using this as individual themes?


I also felt the same, when I finally generated a great idea :smiley: I will add it :wink:

This is a great idea!

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why are some of the ideas actually good :sob:

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I’m so confused…


Love it!! So basically you have to dialog people into cooking magical spells instead of food for you?!?

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Fantastic!! I’d be willing to co-host if you need any help.

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:tada: Hey y’all! :boom:

I’m providing sound design & music production work!

Here’s a game with my music production:

Here’s some quick samples of my music production work for Krobkrua
(currently working on a sound design reel):

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This one kinda slaps, ngl :joy:

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OMG! :exploding_head:

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