Def Timeline - asset to play animations in sequence


Hi guys, here is the Def Timeline, an asset to play animations in sequence.

i hope you injoy it.
leave you feedback


any chance you’d want to spend a bit of time recording a video of your cool thing in use? This could inspire others try it sooner rather than later :wink:


this sound like a great idea :smile:
challenge accepted


This is a great library that I just started using. I’m missing a timeline.stop() method though, to interrupt the playing ones. Any chance of adding? :slight_smile:


I checked the code and realised it’s using go.animate to do the magic (makes sense!).

So I can just use go.cancel_animations to stop them. Nice!


tks for like it, i’m very hapy :smile:
i’ll back to work on it soon.
it is open source you can help if you want.