Decrease Project Size

The size of my project has increased from 20 MB to 400 MB and I haven’t done much with it as I’m still learning how to use Defold. Is there a way to decrease the size of the project folder as I have definitely not added megabytes of new images?

Have you used a tool to analyse where all the megabytes of data are located?

I haven’t gotten to know about that tool yet. I’m sorry to ask, but where is it?

If you’re on Windows, here’s one I personally use now and then:

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Are you synchronizing a lot and/or using git directly? If you are and change a lot of binary files that can make git take up a lot of space, but it shouldn’t be that much for small project.

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If you bundle the game, you can select to generate a build report. By inspecting the report you should be able to pinpoint any large assets. Just in case :slight_smile:


I was extremely busy with a project today, but now I can give the information.

As you can see from the images, the build folder seems to take most of the space.

Textures take space (they came with the 2D Platformer Creation Kit as most of the files as I’m still learning to use Defold) in these locations:

build / default / background
build / platformer_creation_kit / framework / atlases
build / platformer_creation_kit / framework / sprites

I was suspecting it could be the version control that is adding more files all the time, but I guess not.

You can remove the build folder. It will be regenerated the next time you build or bundle. The folder is not under version control.

If you are not already you should look into using image compression if you want to decrease your package size, though take in consideration that it will probably increase your loading times somewhat. There is a small post about it on the forums Texture Management in Defold the documentation is also great of course texture-profiles