Debeat - Helping you sound good


Are you struggling with your sounds and want them to have that nice fade in and out that makes all the difference??

Then you are looking for Debeat: a simple but effective library for Audio support

Try the HTML5 Demo


Add the mixer.go

Create a script controller

local mixer = require("debeat.mixer")
local queue = require("debeat.queue")

function init(self)".", "acquire_input_focus")

	self.sfx_btn = queue.create("btn", {gating=0.3, behaviour=queue.TYPE_RANDOM, min_offset=2})

function on_input(self, action_id, action)
	if action_id == hash("sfx") and action.released then
	elseif action_id == hash("play") and action.released then"/sounds#track_ingame"))
	elseif action_id == hash("stop") and action.released then
	elseif action_id == hash("drop") and action.released then
		mixer.set_gain(msg.url("/sounds#track_ingame"), 0.5)
	elseif action_id == hash("mute") and action.released then
		mixer.set_group_gain(hash("master"), 0)
	elseif action_id == hash("unmute") and action.released then
		mixer.set_group_gain(hash("master"), 1)

And Enjoy!

Tween gain for audio

Nice! Thank you for sharing Adam!


Some feedback:

  • I think you should have an example folder in the project where you show how it’s integrated and how it works.
  • Perhaps also an HTML5 build?
  • I’d like to have some documentation on the public functions
  • What do the different config values in the readme actually mean?
  • And what are their types (I’m guessing numbers?) and valid range?


Thanks for the feedback, I will definitely add LDoc and flesh out the readme.
Regarding example I first have to find some nice sounds without licensing issues…


Generate some sounds using one of the tools here: Tools and resources for Game Jammers

There’s also several sites with free music (often for non-commercial use). I’ve used some chip-tune music by Ozzed for Mini Mega Party.



  • Added new examples folder containing a mixer setup. Try the HTML5 Demo
  • Added LDoc and improved Documentation in
  • Patch version with bugfixes to initial gain and finished sounds.


Fantastic! Great stuff Adam!


Version 2.0.0 has been released, introducing the concept of Events and script based queues.


Version 2.2.0 has been released adding support for gain variation and a reset of queues.

Also events can now be sent using the shorthand function event(hash|string)