Darts Loop

I made Darts Loop during the latest Defold’s gamejam few month ago. I want to put some additional efforts into improving this game. It would be great to hear any feedback you may have, what you like in the game and what you don’t. Any ideas and thoughts are appreciated!

You may play ads-free version of the game at itchio.


I like the simplicity in art style and the relaxing music to go along with it. The leveling progression is nice. the available options to mute sounds is good.

one thing I noticed when playing is that I only focus on the strength meter on the left and try to time the press to be perfectly between the min max and usually get a bullseye or close every time. So I ignore the board all together which is rotating back and forth and has lots of information, until after the press is when I look to see what i got.

I also quickly noticed is that depending on the strength meter press the dart is only thrown on the horizontal axis left or right, which I think can be improved by changing it to the vertical axis , when we play darts irl we think about the arch in our throw with gravity being a factor. So shooting the darts in the vertical axis would imo feel similar to the real deal and be an improvement.

A thing you could also try is color indicate the strength meter ( red = max strength ) ( lime green = perfect timing ) like a lot of games have or a gradient in the meter would also be a good thing to try.

Sound effects for both perfect star shots and skull hits would also be a nice addition I think adding a little more juice to your game.

over all I think you’ve made a nice game. cheers~