Cycling Card Game


Hello there.

I am planning to make a casual cycling RPG game but I don’t want to start with that game yet.
So I made a small game which will eventually be a mini game within that RPG game.

This Cycling Card Game is inspired by card based dungeon crawler games.
A race consists of multiple stages, the dungeons, and each stage consists of 360 procedurally generated event cards (90 rows of 4 cards).
The event cards represent events which can happen during a cycling race, like sprints, flat tires, feeding zones, …
The goal of each stage is to reach the finish line by collecting those event cards.
Each event card has a value, positive or negative, therefore some cards are more valuable or costly to collect.
The player can only select one card per row, so some strategic planning is required while advancing.

The event cards:

Each card has a value, positive events (blue) give some energy when collected and negative card (red) cost energy to collect.
There are 3 different types of energy: Team support, Energy and Attack power. For example: Water bidons give Energy and team mates give Team support.
For most negative cards no type is specified, for example a flat tire can be fixed with Team support, Energy or Attack power. But some events require a cetain energy type: Team support is required to build a sprint train.
Some cards give a bonus (yellow): Sprint points can be won in a flat or mountain sprint.

The race:
A race consists of multiple stages and each stage has to be finished before the next stage can be started.
The bonus points count towards an overall ranking, so each point collected in a stage is important for the race leaderboard.

Link to the community page:



I added animation, so that the cards move smoothly during the game.

I did some play testing and the balancing was off, some stages were very easy but others not winnable, so I did some rebalancing. Now all stages can be completed but maybe it is a bit too easy.

I implemented localization based on the expample from britzl (localization). Thank you for the effort.