Custom GPT for defold and LUA

I created this GPT for lua and defold and I’ve had amazing success with it. Give it a try and see if you like it too. When the scripts get a bit long though I find I need to find where the issue is at and tell it what to fix, but it’s still amazing as it has saved me a ton of time writing code. Note: you may want to tell it to only give you the functions that changed if the scripts are very long as it takes a while for ChatGPT to give out the entire script if it’s too long.

Let me know if you found this useful. Oh you probably need to have ChatGPT pro to use this.



I not have worked with chat gpt a lot but this is really easy to learn the basics and the why.

I got a really detailed answers on how to be sure a whole tilemap is in camera perspective

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It taught me how to do shaders. It’s amazing for small projects. Larger ones you need to really direct it to the function that is messing up.

I still don’t think ChatGPT is recommended for Defold outside of very basic and introductory tasks, if even that. I asked it to do three separate tasks:

  1. Add and use the Rendy camera extension.
  2. Generate a 3D cube at runtime.
  3. Change factory component’s dynamic prototype at runtime.

All of which it made up nonsensical steps, made up fake API calls, and got author information and links incorrect.


I’m making a 3d game with it right now and if it wasnt fot this custom gpt I would be way behind on my game.