Curved world shader effect ($200 bounty) (COMPLETED!)

I am starting this bounty at $100 (now $200) and will raise it over time. The bounty is available for the first person who publishes an animal crossing style shader effect in a public github repo as a Defold project and posts it here. I will pay you on Paypal.

Anyone is eligible to take this bounty as long as I am able to pay you with Paypal. I will be posting more bounties over time to encourage people to create useful example projects that will help others make creative projects. I feel like there is not enough people making these kinds of things for Defold / there is a huge gap in these kinds of projects that exist for other engines like Unity and we need to change this so I will also encourage others who are able to begin listing bounties to create a financial incentive for people to make and post open source sample of generally useful concepts as projects.


  • License of project must be MIT or CC0 when possible
  • Can use vanilla camera object or another option like Rendercam, but note that Rendercam is no longer maintained and so doesn’t have the frustrum calling, if you use Rendercam you need to update it to have frustrum calling
  • Must have an object moving around in some way in 3D space, the Defold project needs to look like it’s an Animal Crossing style world so you should use some low poly tree objects too, you can use something like
  • The below video shows a potential issue with frustrum culling, you should address this issue if it’s possible (I’m not even sure if it is with Defold currently but please try to address this since the popin should be obvious if it’s not addressed)
  • You can adapt this project for light and shadows

Woah, it’s definitely awesome thing to encourage people to make more tech, tools and examples for Defold!

Good Job


wow! thats a heck of a way to encourage development in the community, i dont think im going to participate this time tho :sweat_smile:


I came online to buff the bounty to $200!

And there is a valid in progress submission that checks most of the boxes! So assume this bounty as claimed and the submission should be posted here soon. 🫡


Sorry guys, I got sick right after getting the basics done, so this took a lot longer than expected, but here it is! :partying_face:

Try the web demo here.

You essentially get three effects in one: you can curve the Z-axis, the X-axis, or shear the world horizontally (or a combination of any of these).

There are some scripts included to help automatically calculate a new culling frustum that works in most sensible use cases, or you can set your own.

As requested, I also adapted Dragosha’s light and shadows example to give it the curved world effect. The forked repo for that is here: Web demo here.

Let me know if you find any bugs, or have any questions or requests.


Wow @ross.grams! This is amazing! :partying_face: :star_struck:


Amazing! Above and beyond!!