Current RoadMap?


I would suggest that the developers provide a roadmap of the upcoming updates and features, this would be better to know if a certain feature is being worked on before requesting it, and also the approximate time of its release.

Thank you.



Thing is that the road for Defold is pretty dynamic: We do on-the-fly changes to upcomming sprints depending on a lot of different factors so I’m not sure how practical it would be with such a roadmap. But then I can’t argue against more transparency considering that Defold is now open to the public.



It’s okay to be dynamics and open as long as you manage expectations well, meaning don’t make promises, and make it clear that nothing is guaranteed to be implemented. Still it would be nice to have an idea of what’s in the works, and may be useful for the dev team to get feedback from community on what may be more greatly desirable as you work. A list of Defold dev team’s wishlist features alone would be welcome.


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