Crystal Caverns


Crystal Caverns is a platforming game of skill, made in 4 days for Platformer Week and WGJ#86.

Controls are included in the game and also on the game webpage.

You can play the game in your browser or download the build for your preferred platform - these versions support gamepads (maybe).

Link to game -



Really well done. Good job!

The boxes you can push seem to pop through the floor for a frame when you land on then, and they take a while to settle.

Have you ever tested setting the framerate of the container collection to 0fps for a moment when taking damage / dying to emphasize it?

Is this jump possible? I tried to pixel perfect it but it ate up all of my lives!



Thank you!

The physics is a bit ropey, I know. It’s a mixture of kinematic and dynamic stuff.

I’ve not tried setting the framerate to 0. 4 days was pretty tight to get everything at least roughly working.

That jump is not possible, no! You need to bring a crate up the elevator and push it into the spike pit.