Crypto Defense - Fun and simple Tower Defense


Homepage and Download Links for Windows and Android

What is Crypto Defense

  • Simple and ad-free tower defense game for Android and Windows
  • Upgrade and place towers to protect your crypto coins
  • Earn stars for each solved level
  • Unique skills and some tactical elements
  • Free of charge, no advertisement, no special permissions

Some Screenshots


Feel free to try crypto defense and comment. Its our first release candidate. Soon some updates will
implement more features and levels.


looks interesting. Guess the first crypto-related game #MadeWithDefold =)
Any chance for an HTML5 build please?


yes, the html5 build should work too. I will look into that build soon and give one more link on the webpage.

crypto relation is giving the game a more distinct setting. maybe some more people are attracted if they can virtually protect their values with towers. and we know, many people are attacking crypto
believers…:slight_smile: (banks, hackers, non believers, politicians, regulator).

as i didnt see any feedback here, is the game working for any of you? (android/windows) Any remarks?


cool. waiting for html5 version.

Did you try to facilitate any payments in crypto? I think there’s nothing in Lua for this, right?