Creative Building Blocks



Finally it’s ready! I’d like to show you my game which was made with Defold.
To be more precise it’s not for you, but for your children. This is a memory game which improves creativity, and it can be played by using wooden building blocks. I tried to create it in a way to be straightforward, which means it can be used without reading any kind of texts. (And language skills in general isn’t required either).

If you give it a try, im looking forward to your feedbacks. Thanks!

Last but not least I’d like to thank King and the Defold team to make this game possible!

Best regards
Laszlo Nyiri

(Currently it’s only available for Android.)



Looks brilliant! I’m going to test this with my little nephew

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Love the game. It has a very relaxing pace.

What I like most was that it brought me back to the early days of the app/play store. It has that vibe of the good old days.

Very well made. :+1:



Thanks! It is good to hear! :slight_smile: