CrazyGames SDK

I make this sdk for my next game, so not all functions are ready, i add only that i need.
Maybe someone also find it usefull


Looks like a great platform. Do you have prior experience with releasing games on it?

Curious if anyone can compare to results on Poki or Yandex.


No, i still not released a game:)

@enotofil have experience Yolka - Play Yolka on CrazyGames


The results are absolutely insignificant in comparison with Yandex:
The game was featured for some time and video ads were implemented via SDK.


Hi @d954mas
I plan to put my game on CrazyGames.
Does your module work ? Have you implemented your game ?

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Hi. It should work. I do not release game in CrazyGames they decline my game:(

why ?

i have no idea:)
Looks like they do not like game)

Our content team carefully reviewed Mr Boomi.
Unfortunately, we have to inform you that it didn't pass our internal review. We hope that you are not discouraged by this message.

If you are curious why we decided to not proceed with your game, please read [our guidelines.](

Please note that due to the very high number of submitted games, we can't provide individual feedback for each submission.

Show game :wink:

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Game metrics bad:(

Hmmm… cool game.
How does monetization look like for poki ?

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First release on crazygames.

Sdk worked:)


Congratulations !!! :slight_smile: