Crash while running my game

Hey there! Just downloaded and began working on a project yesterday, I opened it up again this morning and my build is not loading anymore. I am getting a crash error, I have tried re-downloading the software as well as restarting my computer. Is there an easy work around for this crash? It seems to open up in an HTML5 build, but nothing else.


Hi and welcome to Defold.

You need to share the crash details so someone can figure out what’s going on!

More info on logs:

hey there! thank you so much for helping, I am as new as it can get (with no previous coding/dev experience) so i am not sure how to properly read/decifer what the problem is. here is the line of code that pops up after i try to launch a build. i have attached a photo of the error code i have received. thank you so much for responding so quickly to aid :slight_smile:

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The engine seems to crash on the openal initialization.^
If you look at the FAQ, there are some tips for running the game on Linux:

The path in that screenshot looks like it is from a macOS system though?

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Ah, it does look like a mac, yes.

It would be really beneficial if you could share the information about your OS version etc.
What project are you using?
Can you boil it down to a small repro case for us?

Hey there!
I am running MAC 10.15.7 CATALINA
I am using an empty project.

I had left the computer for a few hours today, and when I returned everything seemed to be functional again. Perhaps could have just been a glitch. Thank you all for reaching out and helping me with this :blush: