Crash when IDE player is passive


My prototype crashes randomly when the IDE player is in the background. It’s probably to do with 200 sprites I’m using for pickups temporarily.

Posting here because it’s a bit of a mad error, maybe it will help turn this into a more user friendly message.

Assertion failed: (size <= Capacity()), function SetSize, file /Users/runner/runners/2.169.1/work/defold/defold/tmp/dynamo_home/sdk/include/dmsdk/dlib/array.h, line 444.
INFO:CRASH: Successfully wrote Crashdump to file: /Users/niclasaberg/Library/Application Support/Defold/_crash

# 0 pc   0x137175fd MetadataUtilities _sigtramp+29 (2.3 KB)

Edit: It doesn’t seem to be sprites after all. I removed them all and the crash is still happening.

Edit: Another log: apple_log.txt (69.6 KB)



Can you share a small project where this happens?



There are so many things it could be, it would be quite time consuming to get it down to a barebones test. I think it might be the hack mentioned in this thread that caused it; using a forced collision message to update the visuals. After I removed the hack the issue hasn’t happened again.

Edit: Now it did happen again. I may need to look closer at this one after all.



Please let us know what you find out. I’d like to look into this if possible.



I haven’t been able to replicate this consistently BUT I just started working on a completely different project and the exact same error happened. The two projects couldn’t be more different; one is a physics prototype, the other one with no physics and lots of models.

Could it have something to do with a shaky connection? The WiFi has been super spotty recently and when I got this error it had just stopped working.



I don’t think so to be honest. Let us know if you manage to pinpoint it!



Aye-aye cap’n.



Since this started to get in the way of productivity, I have created a minimal example that reproduces the issue: Random (2.0 MB)

Three consecutive crashes:

Things to note:

  • The collection is continuously loaded/unloaded in the example. This is to produce the crash quicker - if it’s loaded/unloaded less frequently crash also happens, but it takes longer.
  • I’m using Monarch to show/hide the troublesome collection. I doubt Monarch is responsible for the crash, but since I use it in the game it made sense to keep it in there.
  • I suspect the issue lies with the tilemap, but for some reason the sprite also needs to be there to produce the crash.



Excellent. Thanks. I’ll look at this tomorrow.

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Ah, this is the same issue as: Assertion Failed

@JCash will take over and investigate tomorrow.

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