Crash on Android when building with phone as target


I’ve been away from development for almost a month due to traveling and other stuff, but I came across an issue right before I stopped (so maybe month ago?). Fighting with it now.

I build for Android, and I can install and launch my APK fine. But since this problem appeared, I can no longer build for the phone from the IDE.

Whenever I have the phone as target and hit Project > Build, it crashes the app in the phone. My OS is in Swedish so the message is “Spaceshooter stoppas hela tiden” - translates to “Spaceshooter is stopped all the time” maybe?

Are there any logs anywhere I could try and check? Otherwise I guess I need to start removing extensions one by one and see if that could be it?

I don’t think I added one in proximity to when the problem appeared though, I remember it as showing up after an update. But not sure.


I’d try checking the log using the Android dev tools. adb logcat.