Crash on Android (DEF-3286) (SOLVED)


I recieve next Google pre launch reports: (91.4 KB)

and (308.1 KB)

I use this bob.jar (maybe it’s not the reason of the crash, but I have to provide this info):

I call next iap methods when application starts:
iap.list(list, list_callback)

Just for info, not sure with this:
I made a new build where I tried to call iap.restore() in list_callback (after received a list of iaps), and bug crash do not reproduce. It may be coincidence or maybe not… Unfortunately I can’t be sure in stability of reproducing with Google Pre-launch Reports.


Hmm, not sure if this is a new issue or an old one. The code itself looks old, but we did add subscription support last sprint so, there has been recent changes.

And to be honest, I’m a bit unsure of the details here. I wonder if @britzl or @sven knows more about restoring purchases on Google Play?

As for the crash itself, it seems to be easy enough to fix at least (It tries to access a bundle named “items”, but it doesn’t exist, so it returns null)


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Fixed in Defold 1.2.128