Crash after hot reloading tilesource


About 1 second after hot reloading my level tiles tilesource I get the following output and the accompanying “dmengine has stopped responding” message.

INFO:RESOURCE: /game/tilesources/game/tilesources/__levels_tilesource.texturec was successfully reloaded.
INFO:RESOURCE: game/tilesources/levels.texturesetc was successfully reloaded.
Assertion failed: edge.LengthSquared() > 1.192092896e-07F * 1.192092896e-07F, file ..\src\box2d\Box2D\Collision\Shapes\b2PolygonShape.cpp, line 137


Can you reproduce it? What did you change that caused the engine to crash?


I’m trying to reproduce this without success. Do you have some steps to follow that will make this happen 100%?


I only discovered the wonders of hot reloading recently. To be honest it crashed the first and every time I tried it with this particular tilesource. Script files and such reload perfectly fine though. I noticed sometimes the error is different:

Assertion failed: hull.m_Count <= 16, file ..\src\box2d\Box2D\Collision\Shapes\b2GridShape.cpp, line 176

I’m on Windows 10 if that makes a difference. I can add someone there to the project in question if that helps.


Would you mind sending the tilesource and graphics resources so we can debug it?